Saturday, January 4, 2014

6 Days 4 Nights Hokkaido

Happy New Year!! I'm just back from my dreamland...White Hokkaido (29th Dec 2013 to 4th Jan 2014) via Apple Chartered Flight
White Hokkaido by Apple

It's really a great and wonderful memories in there..which I will blog about it in detail. So here's the preview photo and snippet summary of my itinerary first :-P
Let it snow...let it snow..let it snow..

Food & Hotel:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotel
Day 1 (29-12-13) - - - On Board
Day 2 (30-12-13) Meal on Board Kammeshi Cuisine + Steamboat + Tempura Hotel Buffet Lake Toya Sun Palace Hotel
Day 3 (31-12-13) Hotel Buffet International Buffet Kaiseki Set Grand Park Otaru Hotel
Day 4 (01-01-14) Hotel Buffet Japanese Set Kaiseki Set Sapporo Prince Hotel
Day 5 (02-01-14) Hotel Buffet Grilled King Crab + Scallop Japanese BBQ Buffet Sapporo Prince Hotel
Day 6 (03-01-14) Hotel Buffet Hokkaido Ramen Meal On Board -

Day 1: KLIA -> Chitose

Day 2: Chitose - Usuzan - Bear Ranch - Lake Toya Onsen

Day 3: Lake Toya - Snow Mobile - Rusutsu Ski Fun - Otaru

Day 4: Otaru Canal - Branded Outlet Mall - Sapporo

Day 5: Sapporo Citu Tour - Seafood Market - Sapporo Station
Day 6: Chitose -> KLIA
  • Hokkaido Shrine
  • Rera Chitose Outlet Mall
Extra Features:
For those who are like me also..wondering where is Hokkaido in Japan's here is it:
Japan Map

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