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Shopping Haul @Hokkaido (Part 1)

Before my trip to Hokkaido, I tried to find if there is any blog to recommend about the must buy souvenirs, must eat or buy food etc in Hokkaido and I rarely can find one that really explains hopefully this post able to help those to prepare their pocket expenses budget for souvenirs and must try foodies too.

So, let me start with my part 1 version of my shopping haul..

1. Shiroi Koibito Biscuits
Shiroi Koibito in English, or at least on the package, says White Lover. Literally. I’ve been calling them the White Lover Cookies.  I think the White, stand for white chocolate. Shiroi Boibito is basically a square cookie sandwich with 2 very thin crispy cookies with a slice of soft white chocolate in between. The white chocolate kind of looks like cheese.

These cookies are really yummy. The thin crispy cookies has a strong vanilla flavor. The chocolate inside is always soft, smooth, and it’s just melts in your mouth. The cookies looks very simple, and it looks like how it would taste. It’s pretty brilliant.

Unwrap the green paper and you will see a white box with light blue design
Inside the box. As you can see in the photo, it's a thin butter cookie with soft white chocolate in between and it melts in your mouth like clouds.

Where to get: Most of the souvenir shops in Hokkaido. If you are in Tokyo, it's available at the Tokyo International Airport.

2. Strawberry Chocolate Ball by Rokkatei
Available in white or black chocolate ball, with a strawberry inside. A little bit sour taste of the strawberry then serve with the sweet chocolate is a perfect match.

Rokkatei (六花亭) is one of the most popular sweets house in Hokkaido (北海道), the north land. Dairy products are specialities of the region and sweets with cream, butter from Hokkaido must be good quality ones. 
Rokkatei Strawberry Chocolate White box
White choco ball with strawberry inside

Where to get: Most of the souvenir shops in Hokkaido

3. Royce Potato Chips Chocolate
Crrrunch!! Salty potato chips + sweet chocolate taste melt together in your mouth! Two flavors are available, original and fromage blanc (cheese) and I personally prefer the latter. Best movie snacks!

Or you can get the Royce choco bar as its easier to carry and give as souvenir for ppl.

Estimate Price: JPY347 (~RM11)
Where to get: Most of the souvenir shops in Hokkaido

4. LeTao Chocolate
Nicely wrapped chocolates by LeTao. Japanese customer service really have top notch quality. They even give free 2 red bean buns! And inside they also provide cooling gel pack to ensure the chocos are won't melt! (Note: Suggest you keep the cooling gel pack in the fridge and dun throw it. You can use it to cool your forehead when fever)
On Left: LeTao white rare chocolate. Middle: Green Tea chocolate. Right: Milk Chocolate

Estimate Price: JPY840 (~MYR27) for white rare chocolate, JPY630 (~MYR20) for Milk/Green Tea Chocholate 
Where to get: Otaru Handicraft Street

5. Snaffles Cheesecake
Snaffles’s cheesecakes are light as a feather. One detail that I like about Snaffles is that they come in small little rounds. Each little piece is around two bite sizes and perfect for those who want a taste, but don’t want to over eat. It also lets you have a bit of each flavour without feeling overly guilty. Yes, I used that excuse. Oh, if you get a box of Snaffles be sure to open it right away and eat it. They have a very short lifespan and need to be refrigerated.
Snaffles Cheesecake box
Cute round cheesecake

Price: JPY525 for 4 pieces

6. Kitkat  
Clockwise: Strawberry kitkat, blueberry cheesecake kitkat, Uji matcha kitkat, sakura kitkat
Estimate price: 
[Bottom] Uji/Sakura Kitkat - JPY1,575 (~RM50 each)
[Upper right] Blueberry Cheesecake Kitkat - JPY630 (~RM20)
[Upper left] Strawberry Kitkat - JPY500 (~RM16 each)
Where to get: You can get it from the Hokkaido airport. (Personally I feel airport Kitkat price is much cheaper). You can find Uji Kitkat and Strawberry Kitkat easily now in KL dee. Probably you should consider buy the limited one like Blueberry cheesecake flavor.

7. Hokkaido Ramen
I super luv hokkaido ramen..even its instant noodle. Super luv the miso taste one especially and the noodle is like our wantan mee..

Estimate price: JPY189 (~RM6)
Where to get: Got it at one of the souvenir/food shop in Rusutsu.

8. Hokkaido Melon Cake

9. Hokkaido Cheesecake

Estimate price: JPY945 (~RM30)
Where to get: You can get it souvenir/convenience shop at the ground floor of Lake Toya Hotel.

10. Corn Biscuits
Where to get: You can get it souvenir/convenience shop at the ground floor of Lake Toya Hotel.

11. Tiramisu Chocolate
Gold award tiramisu, wrapped by almond flavored chocolate. It is irresistible.
Tiramisu chocolate
Price: JPY1,000 (200g/pack)
Where to buy this: From Apple tour group

12.  Scallop
Fresh quality scallop barbequed in ultra-violet light, and added with special seasoning. It is your best companion when enjoying a drink.
Price: JPY1,500 (150g/pkg)
Where to buy this: From Apple group

13. Seaweed
The Japanese seaweed which is high in iron, calcium and food grade fibre.
Price: JPY1,000 (for 100 pack)
Where to buy this: From Apple group

14. Pistachio Nut
Pistachio Nut
Price: JPY1,200 (for 280g/pack)
Where to buy this: From Apple group

15. Hokkaido Hidaka Milk
Price: JPY135 (~RM4)
Where to get: Any Hokkaido convenience store? I bought it at Rusutsu souvenir shop.

Ok, that's all for part 1. Checkout here for part 2 shopping haul.

For the full itinerary of my Hokkaido trip, checkout here. 

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