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Mao Wang Ye Residence aka Mao Princess House (毛家公主)

Most of the Sun Moon Lake tour via tour agencies will never fail to include a visit to Mau's House aka Mao Princess House (毛家公主) in the Aboriginal Cultural Village of Taiwan.
Mau's House
Some brief information about Thao:
The Thao is a small tribe with only about 3,000 people, who live primarily near Sun Moon Lake in Nantou. According to Thao legends, the tribe used to live in the Alishan area. One day on a hunting expedition, some tribesmen chased a white deer to the beautiful lake. The deer was chased into the water before it was shot down by the Thao hunters. Its blood attracted many fish which were caught by the hunters, who found them delicious. The Thao ancestors decided to move from Alishan to settle by the lake, where they remain to this day.

Entrance to Mau's House
On the way to here, the tour guide and us sang this song..checkout this video below:

Ok...some of you all must be wondering wtf is so famous about this place? Well..apparently the Maos became a royal family when Chiang Kai Shek's wife, Song Meiling, who had asthma took the deer foetus powder and had her life 'saved'. Chiang Kai Shek bestowed the title of Prince and Princesses to this aboriginal family. Ok… I don’t know whether does it works or not but it worth more than NT$30000 (~RM3k++) per foetus -_-"'...In my opinion..I feel its so cruel...

Anyway, before talking more about the shop here...actually before we entered the Mau's House, they provided us some Thao costume for photo session. Looks like Alisan leng luis rite? Haha..
Mummy Take #1
Mummy Take #2

Me Take #3

Jen and me Take #4 back to the the shop...below are some of the Mau's House environment before the demonstration of their product starts. Apparently a lot of worldwide prominent country leaders do come of them was the Late Tun Temenggong Jugah from Sarawak and also Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad.
Lotsa of expensive health products displayed here
worldwide prominent country leaders photos are displayed on top
See the big photo of the bald person there? That is their tribe leader
Then the ambassador of Mao's Tribe introduces us a few of their blood sucking products
Product demonstration by ambassador of Mao's Tribe
One of it is the lingzhi or described as "mushroom of immortality". Looking for cancer prevention? Or a way to control diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol? Lingzhi is your answer! 

The ambassador provided a comparing an unknown brand of lingzhi with their own brand one. She picked one of our tour member and poured the content of the unknown brand of lingzhi capsule onto his hand and rubbed. The powder remains grainy. Then she used their own brand of lingzhi powder and poured onto another hand and rubbed it..the powder dissolved into his hand after rubbing! Hmm...miracle.. according to her..the normal lingzhi capsule is obtained by grinding lingzhi directly into powder which is harmful for us. She said their own brand one is boiled in water, then only the liquid is processed into powder for easier absorption by the body system. How true is it? Anyone has the facts? 
Royal Jelly
Their freaking expensive Royal Jelly and Honey. Initially wanted to buy their royal jelly..but the smallest bottle itself cost about NT$1000 already -_-"'

There is no entrance fee to the shop and hopefully I got the address right..dun blame me ya if it's wrong :-P

The address is No. 6, Lane 397, Mingshui St., Tachih. somewhere between Martyr’s Shrine and Dazhi MRT Station in the Dazhi area.  Tachih is the area east of the Grand Hotel. The shop is near the Tachih Water Station.
The telephone number is 02-25335661 or 02-25337037.
Fax : 02-25337134

* Check here for the summary of my 2012 Taiwan trip itinerary.

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