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Random things in 2014 Hokkaido trip

Lazy just posting some random product shots that I took in Hokkaido trip. This post also has some of the recommended items that are only available in Hokkaido only. If you wanted to checkout my Hokkaido shopping haul, you can check it from the previous post of Part 1 and Part 2.

#1. Hello Kitty Figurines 
Wish I can grab all the Hello Kitty items in there..all so cute!
This one looks so classy in the casing some more

#2. Hello Kitty Plushies many nice kitty plushies in cute!!
These hello kitty plushies only available in Rusutsu
 #3. Japanese lady car deco
Probably we have this in here too? But I think it's really cute to put one in ur car
#4. Marimo
For those who din know what is Marimo, it's just a ball of seaweed or moss ball. A marimo is a rare growth form of the species where the algae grow into large green balls with a velvety appearance. There is a place in Hokkaido which is famous for the existence of marimo called Lake Akan, so dun be surprised to see this moss ball as souvenir in Hokkaido.
Marimo in a container
They even have marimo in small keychains
#5. Sexy mug
This might look like a simple plain Japanese lady mug to you rite?
But dun be fooled by it once you pour hot water into this mug..
TA-DA..the lady turns sexy by strip of her kimono for you (the right picture)! Guys must be super luv this mug as souvenir..lolo..they also have a towel version of this also..but I dun have photo for you to see.

#6. Line Character Plushies
If you are Line Messenger users, you will go berserk like me when see all the plushies in Hokkaido.I luv Cony character the most, what about u?
I even went berserk when saw this line character plushies vending game machine and tried to play it but failed to get la..all those machine cheat money one!
Then I found this souvenir shop in Hokkaido airport which sell a lot of Line dun need waste my effort to play tht vending game machine dee

I especially luv the couple Brown and Cony wedding plushie..its so cute and i think one of the rarest we ever see?
And I found this cutie Brown which can dance too! Checkout the video below:

#7. Kwel ninja sword umbrella
Checkout this kwel ninja sword umbrella..but dun put it ur hand carry bag in flight ya. You will get detain by the custom for bringing a weapon!
Ninja sword umbrella in Otaru handicraft street
Closer shot of the umbrella

#8. Pure BA-YU Series
BA-YU came from ancient China and its medical benefits are widely known today. It is excellent in permeability and said to be effective for "adding moisture to the hair and skin", "hair restoration and growth" etc. They do have products ranging from body soap, shampoo, and hair treatment oil.
Pure BA-YU series products
#9. Lavender Pillow
What is special about the Lavender pillow in Hokkaido? This pillow contains not only Lavender but also charcoal and this 'combination' pillow can only be bought from Herb Hill. It is said to provide you with uninterrupted full night sleeps and give out negative ions which are real beneficial for the bodies while Lavender calms the nerves and induces sleep! 

#10. Japanese wine and beer
The nice Japanese beer in convenience store. When in Japan, you should enjoy the beer there rite?
The Sapporo beer I had on the new year eve night
Got only 5% alcohol?
In souvenir shops, you will get some very nice beer also..I regret I din buy these to keep as collection at home

Stumble upon this in Otaru handicraft street..
No 1 super sweet wine?

If you get a chance to visit wine brewery, you should get their wine too. They have lotsa of varieties..

I bought the beauty wine..lolo
The left most taste very nice

#11. Scallop
Yumm..big scallop. I'm not sure is the scallop price cheaper in here but I noticed quite a lot people came here to "sapu" these.

The sea scallop sold by our tour agency

Since I din buy the raw I shall show you the cooked on I had there..hehe
Slurpp...very nice
Anyway, if you din wanna buy the raw one..should get the scallop's so addictive

#12.  Sweet corn
The Hokkaido corn is famous for its sweetness and even local people say that we can eat the corn raw and tastes so sweet.
Raw sweet corn

Sweet corn in chocolate
This sweet corn cracker really taste so good

#13. Dried fruit
I'm not sure what dried fruit is this..anyone knows? Doesn't taste very nice though..but since it's recommended by the tour guide, so bought a pack to try.
#14. Hokkaido Crabbies
You cannot miss the crabs when you are in Hokkaido. Japanese people love crabs. A large amount of crabs are landed in Hokkaido, drawing many people from outside of Hokkaido. They are fresh, delicious and relatively cheap in Hokkaido, and so you should have them. There are mainly four kinds of crabs in Hokkaido; hanasaki crab, hairy crab, snow crab, and king crab, and they all taste delicious. Hanasaki crab is valuable, as it can be landed only in the Nemuro region in a specific period of time.

I shall blog about my visit to the market in another post. 

#15. Soy Sauce cruet
This soy sauce cruet from Hokkaido is said to have no dipping after use. One of the recommended to get items, only in Otaru handicraft street.
Special soy sauce cruet
Our tour guide Kenro san is recommending us this special soy sauce cruet made in japan only
For the full itinerary of my Hokkaido trip, checkout here.

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