Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shopping Haul @Korea

A post to share with you all my shopping haul during my Korea trip. This will give you all some ideas on souvenirs and also prepare a shopping list upfront before visiting Korea :-P

#1. Binggrae's Banana Flavored Milk 
Where to get: Any convenience store like Lotte Mart or Good Goods
Price: ~KRW 1,100 or (~MYR3)

This is a MUST-try drink for those who loves milk. I really luv its sweet..creamy banana flavor.
Banana Flavored Milk
There are couple of different variety flavors as well like Strawberry and another I think is Light one..but I still luv the Banana flavored one the most.
Different variety of milk flavors
From Seoul Colors:
Created in 1974 by Binggrae when many South Koreans were suffering from malnutrition, Banana Flavored Milk (aka Banana milk) became a hit as many preferred the sweetened milk over plain milk. The fact that Banana was a fruit for the upperclass at the time, and the interesting design that imitated the traditional jar known as “Hanggari” also greatly helped in boosting its sales.
There is also a package of 6 bottles
If I can carry all these I wish I can import in cartons of Binggrae Banana milk!!! *sob*sob*

#2. Laneige skincare products
For those using Laneige brand, you should stock up lotsa of Laneige products during your Korea visit..its so cheap! You will save 20-30% on each item yo!

These are some of the products which I helped my fren to get for his wife.
       Malaysia Retail Price: ~RM 90
       In Korea: KRW 25,000 => ~RM71 (21% savings)
       Malaysia Retail Price: ~RM135
       In Korea: KRW 38,000 => ~RM109 (20% savings)
  • Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack 50ml
       Malaysia Retail Price: ~RM110
       In Korea: KRW 30,000 => ~RM86 (22% savings)
       Malaysia Retail Price: ~RM140
       In Korea: KRW 37,000 => ~RM106 (24% savings)

I got all these for my fren's wife for only KRW 92,000 (which is about ~RM262, with also 4 FREE bottles travel bank essence worth RM135 lo). If you calculate the free bottles, that means all items above cost only RM127!!! Darn cheapppppp!!! They also gave me plenty free gifts of small trial sachet of "Water Bank Intensive Cream" and "Water Bank Gel Cream"! Laneige fans..what are you waiting for if you are visiting Korea? Prepare to stock up all your facial products in bulks :-)

Which Laneige shop I went to?
106-86-43373 (402)

You can checkout some of the Laneige shops in Myeongdong as well.

#3. ODBO skincare products
Pocket damage of KRW 177,510 (~RM506) on ODBO products but no regrets on this brand :-)
My ODBO purchases

Before this Korea trip, honestly I never heard of this ODBO brand before. According to our tour guide, this brand is the most sought after brand for those visiting Korea...surprised..its not The FaceShop, Etude House, etc..where those brand we can heard of in Malaysia. 

ODBO - is a Korean skincare cosmetic brand in popular demand and is distributed by a world reknowned company called the face shop (Dun get confused with The FaceShop brand that we saw in Malaysia and go into the shop and ask about ODBO!). This brand is created to match its competitors like SK II, Loreal, Shiseido, Kose, Clarins. Despite being a popular skincare products, ODBO is sold solely in Korea.
Below are my purchases:
  • ODBO Protection BB Cream
       In Korea: KRW 36,860 (~RM106)
       Online price: RM135
  • ODBO Aqua Soothing Silky Essence
       In Korea: KRW 36,860 (~RM106)
       Online price: RM135
  • ODBO Sunblock Pack 50+ SPF
       In Korea: KRW 36,860 (~RM106)
       Online price: RM135
  • ODBO Gold EGF Eye Patch
       In Korea: KRW 23,280 (~RM67)
       Online price: RM90
  • ODBO Smart Multi Makeup - Vibration Unit
       In Korea: KRW 43,650 (~RM125)
       Online price: RM150 
  • ODBO Smart Multi Makeup - Refil Puff Kit  (*FREE)
       Online price: RM55

Personally I luv the Sunblock and the smart-multi-makeup. When I saw the sales lady providing us a demo on the multi-makeup, i fell in luv with this item and I know I must have it! And the bb cream really can help brighten my face skin color. The eye patch is many pieces of it and its really useful especially if you know you will have dark eye bags due to partying nights..this patch really do make a wonder :-)

For ODBO products, go to this address: 
1F, 41-2, Seongsan-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
Tel: 02-323-1168 
(The nearest subway station is Mapo-gu Office on Line 6 and it takes about 15 to 25 mins to walk from the subway station.)

Simple directions to get here:
From Subway Mapo-gu Office, walk straight after coming out from Exit 3. Depending on the speed you are walking, about 15-20min later, you will spot Outback Steak Restaurant. Along the way, there is practically nothing, not much shops or activities. Turn right and walk for another 10min and you should be able to reach ODBO DFS outlet.

OR you can get from facebook for those in Singapore and Malaysia:

#4. Jeju Chocolates
Recommended to get the "Jeju Orange White Chocolates" if you visit Jeju as a gift to your frens or relatives! Please read this post here on where to get it. Sorry..I forgot how much these chocolates cost already :-(
Jeju chocolates
#5. Fridge magnets and key chains
One of Jeju must-get souvenir is the famous dol harubang key chain, which is the figurine key chain made from volcanic stones. 

* Dol means stone/rock and harubang means grandfather

You can get these key chains from any souvenir shops in Jeju. I got mine from the souvenir shop in Seongsan Sunrise Peak for KRW 1,000 each (~RM3 each).
Or you can get the Korean teddy bear wearing hanbok pen or handphone chain too. It's so cute..but that cost a bit more expensive than the dol harubang keychain, which is about KRW 3,000 (~RM 9). 

And I have this habit of collecting magnets of different countries I had the 2 magnets above (which is KRW 3,000 each) add to my collection :-)

*Check here for the summary of my 2012 Korea+Jeju Trip itinerary.


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  2. nice! would really want to try the banana milk if got chance

  3. Hi, how did u bring the banana milk back to your country?

    1. I didn't bring it back that time as it's hard to carry it back. But I found out recently a few places like Village Grocer and AEON in Malaysia do sell it also but not in bottle form. Instead it's in a box. And selling at slightly higher price.

  4. Can I buy the banana milk from you?

  5. Hi, the dol harubang keychains cannot be found in Seoul?

    1. So far I only saw it in Jeju. Did not find it in Seoul.


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