Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hokkaido Snow Mobiling

Happy Chinese New Year!! Usually for me, new year is the time for lazying and relaxing where you get around with family members, spend time to watch movies, chit chat aka gossiping with frens and also time to update your blogs!! *grin* Will need to faster finish blogging about my Hokkaido trip before I forget. And once CNY is over, then I will have more excuses of no time for blogging again due to the terrible talking about work during happy moments..must treasure it..

Back to my memorable Hokkaido trip, one of the best winter activity I luv during this trip is snow mobiling!!!

Rental for a one seater snowmobile will cost about JPY10,000 (~MYR326). For a double seater snowmobile, it's about JPY15,000 (~MYR490). after you pay for the rental, grab a helmet and a pair of gloves, and you're ready to go!  
All of us busy choosing and trying different sizes of gloves and helmets
YES! Both of us are all set to go now!

Note that you must dress warmly for this occasion. And even with the gloves provided by them, my hands were practically freezing. I believe the temperature up there was close to -8 degrees that day. Boyfie said his feet are frozen numb too as there are too much snow on the snow mobile accelerator and his sport shoes are not suitable to withstand the coldness of it. So, remember to wear a winter boots especially those which is anti-slip to walk on the snow and also provides warmth one.
Vroom...we opted for a double seater one. Let's go!!! Go Go Go!!

Before we started, the instructor briefed us on some ground rules like no overtaking, keeping a safe distance, using the brakes, etc. 

We were warned that we have to press the accelerator gently but one thing they never did warn us was that the engine takes some time to rev up. The trick is to press the accelerator until you feel your snowmobile move slightly. After that, just keep the same pressure. It will move off. If you increase the pressure, your snowmobile will lurch forwards. Making a turning is a little harder for the double-seater snowmobile..perhaps fatty me is too heavy -_-"'..just needed some time to get used to it. We started turning quite a few rounds. The instructor snowmobile was in front and all we had to do was follow him. Suddenly, he veered off the circles we were going and started going up the mountain. I had no idea that the trip includes going up the mountains. It's hard to describe the fun I had going up the mountain and also...the breathtaking words to describe it. If you watched any english movies of those who went into the woods...this is really the view you can see..
Blanket of snow covering all the woods
On the snow mobile ride...
When we reached the peak top of the mountain, the instructor let us have a short time to take photo of the best view. OMG..I really luv the view there..thousand zillions of love..I dunno how to describe this.
So nice view, must have more shots in spamming more photos here.
Super duper luv this photo..similar with one Cony and Brown line sticker!
See..similar rite? Just the position got switch and I coincidentally also wore pink jacket!

The experience is something that I will remember. In fact, I would say its the most memorable event for me for this tour. Its really money well-spent. You just have to watch the video below to see the view.

For the full itinerary of my Hokkaido trip, checkout here

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