Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shabu Shabu with Dolsot Bibimbap

I luv Dec month the most! Feels everyone is in holiday mood especially with Christmas atmosphere. Don't you think so? And I do think your working energy is at the lowest peak too :-) Finally I get quite a long break after crazy past few months...and now I can reminiscing back my Korea trip a year ago while looking forward for my Hokkaido trip in another 2+ weeks time..geez..why the time so slow now ya

Btw, anyone planning to go Korea now? You should learn some of the recommended must have Korean foodie if you are visiting there. One of it that I have on the first day when I reached Korea is the Shabu Shabu Dolsot Bibimbap. For the sake of those who din know what is it:
  • Shabu Shabu is our Chinese hot pot or called steamboat in Malaysia. 
  • Dolsot is the stone bowl or pot used for serving bibimbap that can be heated over fire
  • Bibimbap is a Korean dish consisting of rice topped with sautéed vegetables, chili paste, and beef or other meat, sometimes with the addition of a raw or fried egg.
So combine all 4 words together is we had steamboat + hot pot rice :-)
Our Shabu Shabu with Dolsot Bibimbap. So many food rite?
Some of you must be wondering what is the difference between the dolsot bibimbap and the normal bibimbap rite? Well, I just know that dolsot bibimbap is served on dolsot, that's it! LOL. Ok, I read up some online blogs and ppl do recommend to go for dolsot bibimbap since its much better than regular old bibimbap because a) it makes noise (it sizzles) and b) the rice gets crunchy.
Closer shot of my dolsot bibimbap
For those who prefer more spicy, you can adjust it by putting more chilli paste inside ur bibimbap

Boyfie and me..together with our tour group ppl in one long table
Overall, boyfie luv the dolsot bibimbap but I did not have appetite to eat that time since I'm still half brain awake due to jet lag -_-"'. If you wanted to know where we had this, it's the same place as try our Hanbok and DIY the kimchi. Read the blog here for more info.

If you want to have the full itinerary of my Korea trip, checkout here.

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