Monday, October 6, 2014

Waving bears @Showa-shinzan Bear Ranch

Wave! wave! Have you ever seen a bear standing up and waving at you? Well, you can definitely see them here in Showa-shinzan Bear Ranch. 
My ticket into Showa-shinzan Bear ranch
These big Hokkaido brown bears called "Higuma" in Japanese is one of the dangerous bears in Hokkaido, where hikers may encountered them in the mountains. The higuma are part of the ursus arctos horribilis, known as grizzly bears in North America. They are over 2 meters tall, weigh about 300 kg and can run at a speed of 50 kph.

Entrance into the bear ranch:
Entrance into the bear ranch shop
me with the fake waving bear figurine first
Before you enter into the ranch, there is ppl selling bags of biscuits for JPY100 (~MYR3) and apples for JPY200 (~MYR6) which you can used to attract the bears and feed them. They'll wave at you, begging you to throw them foodies.
Boyfie the big bear!
Welcome to Showa-shizan bear ranch!
Let's go checkout the waving bears now...
See all of them very excited standing up and waving there for food
This bear is damn lazy..waved at us to throw food directly at him and he did not want to move his bum a bit to pick it up also! Lazy bum!
Wah..this one so macho. Standing up on the stage waiting to feast like a king
According to our tour guide, there are about 100 bears being bred here. There is a section on the other side where there are younger bears too.

After visiting the ranch, you can have a visit to the souvenir shop. Here, you can buy the bear oil, which is used for dry skin as well as treating small sores. However, the famous cream in Hokkaido is the horse oil cream tho.

Too bad I forgot to take video that time, so here's a video I found online on the waving bears in Showa-shinzan bear ranch:

How to get here?
Address: Usu-gun, Hokkaido Toyako-cho Showashinzan 183
Tel: 0142 - 75 - 2290
Business Hours: 8:00 ~ 17:00 (change depending on the season) 
Entrance Fees: 
  • Adult  : 800 Yen (~MYR24), 
  • Children (6 Years of age or older) : 500 Yen (~MYR15)
Parking: Single day 410 Yen (~MYR12)
By Train: About 30 minutes JR Hakodate Line, Muroransen Toya Sta, by bus

For the full itinerary of my Hokkaido trip, checkout here.

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