Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shopping Haul @ Hokkaido (Part 2)

Sorry for the long awaited continuation shopping haul post from part 1 finally have time to blog on the part 2 of the shopping haul :-)

Thinking of what souvenir you can get in Hokkaido for your friends or family members? Below are some of my recommendation to get:

1) Japanese umbrella
I dunno why..Japanese umbrella is so damn kewl with different designs that you can never find in Malaysia!

Where to get it: Sapporo Airport
Japanese lady umbrella..wonder how it looks like when you open it up?
The bottom right one is the one I bought, nice?
There are even more nicer designs la..sigh..too bad that time short of time and also I already used up all my money!! argh!
I luv the one bottom right..the lucky japanese cat!
More umbrella designs
2) Japanese lucky cat pen
Cute pen rite?
Where to get: Sapporo airport

3) Horse Oil Soap Gold Bar
We're here to get this supposedly very very good Horse Oil, which is excellent for moisturizing your skin. Horse Oil is famous in Hokkaido (maybe even the whole of Japan), and this one is ONLY available here.

4) Lavender Soap Bar
Price: JPY 105 (MYR 3.30)
5) Magnets

6) Waterproof Spray
7) Sneakers Cleaner
Where to get: Rera Chitose Outlet Mall
Price: JPY 1,050 (MYR 33)
8) Winter boots that is anti-slip and suitable to walk on ice
Where to get: Rera Chitose Outlet Mall
Price: JPY 4,950 (MYR 157)

9) Burberry Blue Label Handbag!
Where to get: Daimaru
Price: JPY 37,800 (MYR 1,198)

10) "Beauty" Wine
Where to get: Tanaka Shuzo Brewery
Price: JPY 1575 (MYR 50)
11) Hello Kitty Doll
Price: JPY 1800 (MYR 57)
12) Otaru Music Box
Where to get: Otaru Music Box Museum
Price: JPY 1890 (MYR60)

Price: JPY 1680 (MYR 53)
13)  Amulet
Where to get: Hokkaido Shrine
Left: Hello Kitty Hadamamori - JPY 500 (MYR 16) 

Right: Strap Amulet - JPY 800 (MYR 25)
Health Amulet: JPY 1000 (MYR 32)
Ok, that's all for my shopping haul in the whole trip!

For the full itinerary of my Hokkaido trip, checkout here.

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