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Flying Cow Ranch 飞牛牧场

Flying Cow Ranch 飞牛牧场 is a popular leisure spot suitable for all age. In 1985, Taiwan Youth Dairy Village 中部青年酪农村 turned to be the leisure range type and changed name as Flying Cow Ranch 飞牛牧场.
Flying Cow Ranch
“Flying Cow” derived from the combination of two primary natural resources of the ranch, which are butterflies and cows. The sign of the flying Cow were designed according to these also.
Butterflies + Cow = "Flying Cow"
And, whoever watched the 2001 Taiwan series drama 'Lavender' 薰衣草, it was shot here!
Wonder what are the activities you can do in the Flying Cow Ranch?

Before I go into the details of the activities you can do for a night stay in here, you can checkout my links here for the following:

The first thing when you reach there, you will be served with one free bottle of Flying Cow Ranch famous milk first. There are 2 flavors: the original milk flavor or the chocolatie one.
Tada..greedy me want to finish up 2 bottles :-P
*burp* Superbly nice fresh milk!
The ranch is designed in 3 main areas, including 
  • service area, 
  • agriculture production area,
  • nature ecology area.
Service and Agriculture Production Area

The service area and the agriculture production area are comprised of different zones such as DIY, camping, souvenir, dairy product shop, conference room and many others providing the perfect place for one to enjoy firsthand experience on the dairy farm and the life of cattle, seeing demonstrations of the cow house and milking process, as well as making your own dairy products include cookies, pudding, and ice-cream.

Nature Ecology Area


The nature ecology area is consisted of pasture zone, butterfly zone, water zone, trails, and animal zone, where visitors may find 150-200 butterflies of about 10 species providing the perfect place for children to learn the life cycle of the butterfly. The dairy zone is where one may experience milking the cows, and the animal zone is where one may experience feeding many kinds of animals such as sheep, goats, and rabbits.
Mummy and daddy at the spacious ranch area. Spot the house behind?
That's the bunny house!

So many fluffy bunnies! Cute! But too bad you are not allow to go into their cage

Then next is the goatie area..
Sorry for the blurry photos here onwards as I'm not sure why my hand is shivering at the farm area :-(

Since 2012 photos turn out a bit I took the 2009 trip photos where boyfie was feeding the goatie
Or you can use pully to feed the goatie
And the goatie will be excitedly waiting at the top there trying to reach for its food
If you walked in further, you will reach the Glass House.
It's the glass house in 'Lavender' 薰衣草! Leo & Xiao Tong 小童 fight over Yi Xin 以熏 inside this glass house!

I no idea..but I luv all the decorations of this glass house. I wish I can spend longer time loitering here
Nice rite the couple decorations outside?
Inside the glass house caught trying to buy something?!
Feeding time again now for the sheeps!
Jen so excitedly grabbed the leaves ready to feed the sheeps again
Sheeps feeding area
Jen..dun always look at the camera only. Becareful of ur hands got nom nom away by the hungry sheeps..lolo
There is also the cow milking area nearby to the sheep area
Really dun dare to milk the cow. So worried that she will feel painful and give me a side kick or flying kick..then that time really is flying kick in flying cow ranch -_-"'
Dun press as you like! Please follow the diagram to give less painful to the cow. And sterile your hand before do hand milking in case cause inflammation to the cow.
Since it's getting dark even though its only 6pm, hafta proceed back to the service area. You can hangout at the dairy product shops here till around 8.30pm to have some nice ice cream..or shop for some souvenirs here. Checkout my link here for the recommended items to buy here. 
Shop for dairy products
Buy some fresh nice milk
Or maybe snap photo with this two cows? lolo
Buy a few milk soap bar as souvenir?
Or milk body lotion, shower gel or shampoo?
Around 8.30pm, the ranch has arranged for us a little DIY program which is to bake something like a "red bean kuih" or Hakka cake (kuih).
These are the ingredients provided on the table. We are grouped into 10 ppl in each table
Not sure what's written there..but I guess is instructions on how to bake the hakka kuih?
Everyone looks so excited in making the dough

The curious boy in my table also wan try a hand to make the dough
Now stuffed the red beans into the dough
This is our before cooked hakka kuih looks like. The heart shape one..Jen claimed she did it. Can you spot it?
Kepo (In hokkien which in other words mean is busybody :-p) peeping at what happen in next door table. Hmm..theirs look more nicer shape like curry puff some more
While waiting our Hakka cake/kuih to be cooked, some games had arranged to cheer up the atmosphere. Too bad since I'm sitted right behind..far away from the front, so I can't see detail what games they are playing..basically is some costume wearing I guess?

This video is so funny: the gal in my group..while mixing the dough also..she still wan show hand "peace" there..asking ppl to snap photo of her..lolo

This is our after cooked haka kuih looks like..hmm..presentation wise is gross..but taste not bad. Just not enuf of red beans la. Shud have just be greedy and stuff more red beans in 

How to get here?

No.166, Nanhe Village, 
Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County
Tel: +886-037-782999
Fax: 037-782399
Longitude/Latitude: 24.442032 / 120.739875
Opening Hours: 0700 - 2200

  • Twd 220/adult 
  • Twd 180/elementary school student grade 1-6  
  • Twd 200/group ticket (for groups more than 40 ppl)

Drive on your own:
1. No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) --> Hsinchu Interchange (新竹交流道) --> No. 3 National Highway (國道三號) --> Xiangshan Interchange (香山交流道) --> Xibin Expressway (西濱快速道路)/No. 61 Provincial Highway (台61號) --> Baishatun (白沙屯) --> Tongxiao Outer Ring (通霄外環道) --> No. 121 County Road (121縣道) --> Flying Cow Ranch (飛牛牧場)

2. No. 3 National Highway (國道三號) --> Tongxiao Interchange (通霄交流道) --> No. 128 County Road (128縣道) towards Tongxiao (通霄) --> No. 1 Provincial Highway (台1線) --> Tongxiao Outer Ring Road (通霄外環道) --> No. 121 County Road (121線道) --> Flying Cow Ranch (飛牛牧場)

By train or bus:
1. Take Miaoli Bus (苗栗客運) bound for Dajia (大甲) from Miaoli (苗栗火車站) or Hsinchu Railway Station (新竹火車站) to Tongxiao stop (通霄站). From there, follow road signs to Flying Cow Ranch (飛牛牧場).

2. Take Taichi Bus (台汽客運) bound for Salu (沙鹿) to Tongxiao stop (通霄站). From there, take Miaoli Bus (苗栗客運) bound for Fuxing (福興) to Chisha stop (崎下站). From there, follow road signs to Flying Cow Ranch (飛牛牧場).

3. Take train to Tongxiao Train Station (通霄火車站). From there, take Miaoli Bus (苗栗客運) bound for Fuxing (福興) to Chisha stop (崎下站) and follow road signs to Flying Cow Ranch (飛牛牧場).

Checkout this video which I found online, which shows you the whole place of Flying Cow Ranch:

* Check here for the summary of my 2012 Taiwan trip itinerary.

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