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Shopping Haul @Taiwan Flying Cow Ranch

Since I noticed my Korea Shopping Haul post has become one of the top 3 popular post in such a short time frame, so today I shall share with you all my shopping haul at Flying Cow Ranch! Super luv all the milk products here!

Okay..before I go into what things to shop here, you need to know first where to get it rite
5 places to shop in Flying Cow Ranch
There are basically 6 places to shop in Flying Cow Ranch, ok..there is 1 missing in the above map..which is the Souvenir Shop. It's actually right beside the Milk House.

1) Milk House
Flying Cow's Milk House, which is nearby to the Flying Cow Restaurant aka Souvenir Shop, was the place where you can get fresh dairy product, such as milk, cheese and ice cream.
Outside of Flying Cow's Milk House
Inside of Flying Cow's Milk House
I super duper luv this many yummy milkie food here..the first thing of course you should get is....

#1. Duh..milk la...abuden..haha
#1 Delicious milk drink
The moment you reach Flying Cow Ranch, the ppl will welcome you with 1 free bottle of milk depends on your luck to get what flavor to try..
Me back in 2009 trip..when I get the free original flavor milk drink
Me in 2012 trip..ok..with same jacket too -_-"'..but this time got choc flavor milk
#2. Then of course you should not missed out this cutie pudding! Flying Cow Ranch has cooperate with Bocca from Hokkaido Japan to produce this white pudding which is so cute like a jumping ball with white skin color same like snow white and rich in either milk taste, black tea or mango. It cost NT$185 (~MYR18) for one tube that has 4 pudding balls.
#2 Cutie milk, black tea and mango pudding

How to eat this cutie pudding?
#3. Ice cream!! There are 3 flavors to choose - milk, vanilla and chocolate!

Mum luv the milk ice cream the most... It cost NT$60 each (~MYR6)
Yummy ice cream, especially milk flavor which you should not miss it
Mum, Dad and Jen enjoying ice cream at night outside the shop
#4. The previous 3 products, you can't bring back as souvenir for ppl. Have to consume when its fresh there. So what food souvenir to bring back? Milk soft candy! It's a kinda of chewy soft candy, available in milk or chocolate flavor. I personally luv the milk flavor one more..
Yummy milk soft candy! And nice packaging too, especially to give to ppl
Chewy milk soft candy..quite sticky at your tooth though
Nice moo moo packaging rite?
Available in Chocolate or milk flavor. NT$150 each (~MYR15)
#5. Another food souvenir that you might want to consider is Flying Cow Milk Candy. Unlike the previous one..this is hard one. Personally I prefer the soft candy instead...I sure said soft candy for old ppl rite? Shesh..
Milk Candy, NT$300 for 400g (~MYR30)
Detail photo of the milk candy
#6. Cheesecake! You should try this delicious cheesecake. 
Oh yummy cheesssseeeeeeeee cake! NT$280 for whole cake (MYR28)
Yum yum cheese cake..full of pure fresh egg and milk!
2) Souvenir Shop
Souvenir Shop is on your right when you enter, and the left side leads to the restaurant
So many plushies!!!
Cashier in Souvenir Shop
What to get in here?
Plenty of nice souvenirs for frens and relatives! Below are the few recommendations and oso part of my shopping haul too..

#1. Moo moo pooing keychain
Haha..this is Jen's shopping haul. I find its kinda cute..its a keychain where you squeeze at the moo moo body..and it will poo the shit out
This is the moo moo keychain in front
Now, turn to the bum and squeeze the body..see the yellowish shitty thing out from the bum? Hahah..damn cute as souvenir for ppl
#2. The milk lotion, body shampoo or milk shampoo
If you are a milk product must get this! 
Milk Shampoo, Body Shampoo and Milk Lotion, NT$165 each (~MYR16)
The body shampoo is so creamy smooth and after much of the dilemma to get either a body shampoo or a lotion since its hard to carry both, I decided on milk lotion! I got this habit of applying body lotion everyday after shower so my lotion runs out very fast!

Btw, you can try the free sample of milk shampoo or milk bathing gel that is provided in your room before you decide which to buy.
Sample of milk shampoo and milk bathing gel provided in your room
#3. Milk soap bar
If you find that bottles of bathing gel is hard to carry, get this natural handmade soap bar. I got a few bars myself too for friends, especially the milk flavor one. There is different flavors, but I can't recall what flavors is available as I only search for milk only :-P
Natural handmade soap bar available in different flavors
#4. Natural ointment
I bought this ointment back in my 2009 trip, but I dun find it very useful I skip this purchase in my 2012 trip. It's an ointment with mild and pleasant aroma and its in a convenient travel size. The ointment smell din last long though..
Flying Cow ointment in lavender, green tea and milk flavor
Basically most of the stuff you can already get in either Souvenir Shop or Milk House. So, the other areas below have the similar stuff too, just the decorations of each shop has different theme and style.

3) Ranch Life Concept Shop
Ranch Life Concept Shop
Here you can find typical ranch life decorations.

4) Flower Shop
Since my 2012 trip, our tour make it late to Flying Cow Ranch, so we could not make it into Flying Cow Ranch Flower Shop on time. So below are the photos back in 2009 trip..
Flower Shop back in 2009
Flower Shop at night in my 2012 trip
The building is built in 2001 for Taiwan Idol drama "Lavender", the romantic love story building flower shop is now a gift shop where it sell the classic Flying Cow Products.
Outside of the Flower you spot me which looks like part of the decorations there? haha
Inside of the Flower Shop
Nice decorations inside the Flower Shop

Oppsie..boyfie caught me red handed..looking at stuff to buy in Flower Shop

5) Ranch's Shop
Its a village inn of the wild west. The opening front porch, trellis glass doors and windows are the images the ranch owner bring back from USA.
Ranch's Shop

6) Red Brick House 
Just like the lovely small fairy tale house, which is built of red bricks.
Red Brick House
Okay..that's all about shopping in Flying Cow Ranch!

How to get here: No.166, Nanho Vilage, Tongxiao Town,
Miaoli Country 35750 Taiwan   Tel: +886-37-782946
Fax: +886-37-783902
Website: (In Chinese Only)

* Check here for the summary of my 2012 Taiwan trip itinerary.

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