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Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

Backdated 3 months posts..gosh..lately really so busy and not in the writing mode. Anyway, finally have the time to put myself into such mode since tmrw I can wfh..yahoooooo....can sleep late *grin*

For those who are planning a visit to USS soon, if you have any friends or relatives in Singapore, do ask their help to purchase the tickets from any travel agency there as the ticket price is slightly cheaper than the one you purchase directly from USS ticket booths. (Hmm..perhaps here also can? Well..I din check..maybe you can let me know?)  Anyway, I got mine at SGD$68 (~MYR170) instead of SGD$74 (MYR185). Save SGD$6 (MYR15) bucks per pax..cheapskate rite?..I know..well..especially in such bad economy where MYR currency become more weaker now..can save a bit also is a saving rite?
Our USS tickets..getting ready to knock the gate down!

And from saving that SGD$6 bucks....although it's kinda of pricey, but I do REALLY recommend you all that you MUST get their Universal Express Pass which cost additional SGD$30 (MYR75). I guarantee you won't regret spending this. You can skip the regular lines at all your favorite rides and attractions and you certainly able to cover the whole park attractions within a day! For me, if you are there to enjoy the rides, dun waste ur time la in queuing..and some rides which I find is ridiculously stupid to just queue for 2 hours (some more la under hot sun -_-"') and then we sit for 5 mins only??!!
While waiting for the entrance to open since we are there we snapped photos around outside first.
With cutie Rin..and the must not miss out USS landmark behind us
Of course a shot with boyfie too

The gate still din open yet..zzzz -_-"'

Ahh...the fatty kungfu panda is out to greet us!

Operating hours is 10am-8pm
Dun miss out the parade at 5pm while the fireworks is at 8pm. Haiz..too bad miss both of it too..since that day is raining..grrr..and they cancel it!!!

There are 7 zones in this park. I will highlight in below which are the recommended rides or attractions or shows that you should not miss..especially if you are kiam siap and din wan to get the express should at least try to cover the ones mentioned below:

Before that, what is the first must do thing when you get into a theme park? Get their park guide map and check out the shows that you wanted to watch first. Then you should plan your time accordingly so you can enjoy both the rides and the show.
USS map
From the entrance gate, you will walk through the Hollywood area. There are a lot of shops that sell souvenirs here.

From Hollywood area, you can choose which area to go first, turn left to go to Madagascar area or turn right to go New York area. I choose right to New York first to rush for our first must not miss ride which is the transformers ride that's in the Sci-Fi City.

New York
Here you can feel and enjoy America's biggest and grandest city as you stroll along the sidewalks and enjoy all the classic landmarks. 


Recommended attraction in New York:

#1) Lights, Camera, Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg
* Advice: Be careful do not stand at the front row especially at the middle section. Checkout on the floors, which area is slightly wet, then you better avoid standing there.

Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg
Sci-Fi City 

The city of the future! Everything so futuristic here!

Recommended attractions in Sci-Fi City:

#1) TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle - A MUST NOT MISS!!
Rin and me before go in for the transformers ride

Boyfie with bumblebee!!
#2) Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN VS. CYLON
Human (the Red track one) is the seated roller coaster while Cyclon (the blue track) is suspended roller coaster. This ride is too adventurous..sorry..I'm v timid as I get older. And I told Rin and boyfie that if both of them went for that ride..I will be damn worried that I might faint even just watching them playing it.
Battlestar Galatica
Ancient Egypt
And now this area is all about pyramids and obelisks.
@Ancient Egypt

Recommended rides and show in Ancient Egypt:

#1) Revenge of the Mummy
It's a v thrilling ride that you will plunge in the darkness...since it's an indoor roller coaster in the dark.
I'm promoting it but still too timid to try..lolo
I'm so afraid of the anubis armies behind me -_-"'

Manage to snap a photo of the long legs anubis passing by
#2) Treasure Hunters
This ride suitable for ppl who bring kiddies along as you drive the jeep urself.
Enjoy driving the jeep urself
This is me..looking so silly trying to peace there while still so kan cheong driving the jeep

Lost World
Now in dino land! 
Dinos with their eggies
Had our lunch here too at the Discovery Food Court. Dine here with some local food in a Jurassic setting feel..
Dino skeletons in the Discovery Food Court
Rin and Boyfie's Hainanese chicken rice set (SGD$11 each) - comes with a dessert
My lunch - wantan mee with some fish ball (SGD$11) - comes with dessert also

So what is recommended here?

#1) Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
Its a thrilling river raft ride that you will get wet. Be prepared to play this only if you bring extra changing clothes.
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
#2) Waterworld
A very awesome live action stunts and explosions. A must watch show!
Waterworld live action stunts and explosions - MUST NOT MISS SHOW!
Rin and me...waiting eagerly for the waterworld show...we are sitted in the area that won't get wet. You can pick your own seatings

Waterworld show starts now! So excited!
Far Far Away
A fairy tale land...kiddos will really luv here..
Far Far Away Land
Recommended attractions here:

#1) Shrek 4-D Adventure
Enjoy the 4-D show with slight water that will spray at you..and you chair will rock a bit..
Shrek 4D
Enter into forest.. filled with strange animals..
Madagascar land
Recommended ride:

#1) Madagascar : A Crate Adventure 
Sit in a small vehicle to run inside the cave with a lot of Madagascar character will sure luv it.
Madagascar - a crate adventure
Inside the ride...
Madagascar family
After enjoying most of the rides, we took a rest at this restaurant in Hollywood area. Initially the intention was to wait for the parade..but who knows :-( Haiz..lady luck was not on our side and it started raining so the parade was cancelled...grrr...

Oh well..anyway..this restaurant has lotsa of nice antique cars displayed outside...

And managed to get a shot with one mascot...I dunno why all mascots that day also so long queue la -_-"'
Me in stripes..matching with him..lolo
How to get here via MRT?

NOTE: If you coming via other mode of transport, check the link here

Via MRT: 
Take the North-East line MRT rail system (Purple Line) or Circle Line MRT rail system (Orange Line), alight at HarbourFront Station. 

From there, you may take Sentosa Express: Go to the 3rd level (Lobby L) of VivoCity shopping mall to transfer to Sentosa Express to enter the resort. Drop off at Waterfront Station. 


For more info of my trip in Singapore, check the link here.

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