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Accomodation @ Flying Cow Ranch

Flying Cow Ranch 飞牛牧场 provides the best accommodation for you to experience a country side life style room. Here they have 4 different types of accommodation for ppl to experience:

1) Ranch Log Cabin
Its a Garden style log cabin (Refer map for I) and Japanese style log cabin (Refer map for J)

2) Ranch Yuan-Shu (The Country Cabin) (Refer map for H)
The color of the country cabin is originated from blue sky and grass green, and the ranch stories are full will American country style.

3) Ranch Yuan-Chi (The Lodge) (Refer map for 10)
Here the design of the lodge is simple and modest. Medium gray and pure white is the main color used to show the lodge building image. 

4) Camping & BBQ area (Refer map for 07 and 08)
Here basically you have no rooms..which is the real camp area. Sleep within the forest and have the birdies wake you up for morning calls.

Flying Cow Ranch Map - the one circle in black is accommodation area
For this 2012 trip, I stayed in Ranch Yuan-Chi (The Lodge) which is quite a distance away from the Flying Cow Restaurant and DIY Room. In this tour trip, there is a few elderly ppl and it's a pain for them to walk so far even you said we should exercise..but old ppl dee la..pity them walking so far and especially at nite some more hard to see. So if you all are traveling with any elderly ppl, try not to get Ranch Yuan-Chi as your accommodation. Can take Ranch Yuan-Shu if budget constraint, otherwise go for the cool Ranch Log Cabin (either garden or Japanese style one). I used to stay in Ranch Yuan-Shu during my 2009 Trip but too bad no photos are taken that can't share with you all how inside looks like.

Anyway, apart from the disadvantage in terms of the distance that is far from the restaurant and DIY room, this ranch is so pretty cool. I luv the interior of it...and especially if you are coming with a big gangs of frens or family..this ranch gives you the homey feeling.

Entrance of Ranch Yuan-Chi
 Once inside the ranch
This is the lobby and reception area
After getting our room keys from Tour Leader, we proceed to find our rooms. Most of us are staying we move up the stair case. It's recommended when you come overnight in Flying Cow Ranch, pack your stuff into smaller hand carry bag. Here they dun have lifts and its a pain for you to carry heavy luggage up the staircase.
See..very homey feeling rite to have a living area too
I'm so lucky..I get a room directly facing this living room area and its just 1 staircase up from the lobby and reception area only. But cons is if too many ppl crowd in the living's v noisy lo.
There is 2 computers with internet access in this living room too
View from 2nd Floor - Living Room
Now let's go checkout my room
I think my room is RM380 per night
Provide mineral water, fridge and kettle for hot water
Basin is outside of the toilet. They provide hair dryer too
A separate toilet, which I think is useful
I like hotel rooms with separate toilets like, like one for uhm to do ur for shower and the basin is outside. Its more faster in the morning especially you have 2 ppl in the room and no clashes to snatch the toilet.
Another toilet with standing shower
A rack of towels and basic toiletries
Toiletries provided..luv their milk shower and shampoo
Caught you Jen!
How to get here: No.166, Nanho Vilage, Tongxiao Town,
Miaoli Country 35750 Taiwan   Tel: +886-37-782946
Fax: +886-37-783902
Website: (In Chinese Only)

* Check here for the summary of my 2012 Taiwan trip itinerary.

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