Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Travel in Taiwan - freebies to download

Sorry for the short hiatus..been quite busy clearing up my jobs before my coming up vacation ya ♥ ...counting down..14 more days to go..2 more weeks...sigh..*bang head* but at the same deadlines also is nearing. Need to clear my piling tasks before I can enjoy..sien! Can guess where I going soon? Opp..opp oppa gangnam style!
Anyway..the purpose of this post is for sharing. I'm pretty sure, now is the peak time where everyone is gonna travel to somewhere especially MATTA fair is over not long rite? So for those who is going to visit Taiwan for a free and easy trip, here is some sharing for you guys to download.

Tainan City:

Tainan City Map
Hualien City:
Hualien City Map
Taitung City:
Taitung City Map
Kaohsiung City:
Kaohsiung City Map

You can refer this post here for more information about Youth Travel Card and Digital Buddy - If you are still youth, means below age 30 ok? :-P

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  1. Thanks for the Maps Linda - very useful. I'll print these and take with me for a trip to Taiwan.



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