Thursday, November 8, 2012

Preparation for Japan Trip

Just found out I still keep the information for my preparation to Japan travel previously. Probably some of you all are not sure what do you need for preparation to Japan upfront. You need to get a visa! *duh*

Well, the process is not as complicated as getting a US visa where you need to go for an interview, but you need to prepare the following for visa requirement:
  • company letter (if you are an employee, you need to ask your company prepare a letter. Donno what to write, I provided a sample here where you can refer)
  • Copy of Current Account or Saving Account or Fixed Deposit - REQUIRED minimum RM10,000 per person. And it need the photocopy with CERTIFIED TRUE COPY some more from the bank with STAMP, officer's name and signature
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (for kiddies)
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (Husband/Wife)
  • Copy of Form 9 & 49 (if you are sponsor by company)
  • Original Passport - minimum 6 months validity
  • (WHITE BACKGROUND) Photo - 2x2 inch colored - less than 6 months

Sample of company letter:

Link to download Japan Visa Application Form

Sharing of the hotels I stayed in my last visit to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. You can read more in these posts with more photos for you to enjoy :-)

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