Friday, January 24, 2014

Birthday of 2014

Happy Birthday to myself! Okay..another year of older again..hopefully can become more wiser and richer! And also achieve my ultimate dream as fast as possible!
Unexpected early birthday surprise from Avengers during karaoke session at Loud Speaker Kota Damansara.
Loud Speaker Kota Damansara

Blurry photo of us
Become 20mins celebrity to take individual photo shots with everyone.....lolo..thanks for the surprises!
With Liau, Ash and Hazel
With sweet Hazel
With Lisa
With Theresa
Thanks Andrew for planning this surprise with the group
Of course lastly with the boyfie
Thanks Boyfie for the Burberry Blue Label which I have been longing for so long!

Thanks mummy for my Victoria Secret Body lotion and perfume set..really got so much pampering! :-)
Convenient Victoria Secret travel set..perfect for me!
Lovely blue and red kitty thermos mug...aww..really so nice..thanks so much Rin!
TADA!!! wisdom owl Hello Kitty Fairy Tales one...not available in Malaysia! So lucky me to get it from Rin! cute rite!
My pampering gift from my BFF for more than 20 years..she never fail to forget my burfday every year!

Oh ya...where did Boyfie celebrate with me this year? We just had simple dinner at my favorite ramen shop - Ippudo in Pavillion.
Spicy ramen..slurppp
Boyfie as usual with the original flavor ramen

That's all! Good night!

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