Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kimchi Making DIY and Hanbok Wearing

On the very first day we reached Seoul, our first tour destination is sending us for classroom training. You will be thinking what kinda of training rite in a holiday? to train us to be a typical Korean by DIY ur own kimchi since the remaining days in this tour, we hafta starved ourselves with lotsa of kimchi! kimchi! AND kimchi every single meal...lolol. Like it or have to learn to eat like Korean as Kimchi is an absolute necessity in every Korean meal!
Here is our Kimchi Making DIY classroom
Oh..btw..we cut short most of the process in this not showing you where to get all the ingredients. I won't be showing you also how to be an ahjumma to haggle for cheap cabbage price in the market.
Here's wht on the table in my place: cabbage and some hot sauce?
Before that, did you all know wth is kimchi? For the benefits of those who din know about it, Kimchi is pickled cabbage covered with hot pepper sauce and it is the most popular dish in Korea. According to health magazines, it's one of the most healthiest food in the world?! And Koreans are very proud about the health impacts of kimchi, which causes them to make up outrageous claims like kimchi will prevent people from getting the Bird Flu. I'm not sure how true is it..but I luv kimchi so muchie. I dun mind taking Kimchi every single meals too! I used to stay with Korean family before and the she told me that Korean in the outskirts make lotsa of kimchi and kept it underground for winter as their stock up food in case too heavy snow and they can't go downtown to get any food..they have kimchi to survive on.
Sorry poor cabbage..I shall take a photo of u before I mess u up..lolol
Hmm..Boyfie looks like professional cook that goin demonstrate how to make super kimchi dee..shall see whose DIY is more successful later
That's our instructor
I know I'm a slow learner esp in catching up cooking instructions, so here are the videos which I have recorded that tells you how to DIY your own kimchi. It's always the best to learn from the sifu directly than learning from half pail water rite? Go watch it and try out urself:

This is part 1:
And this is part 2:

Pro boyfie in action making super kimchi?
And at last....TA DAAA....shall see whose kimchi looks more nicer?
Guess which is mine? Erm..the one of the left one *why looks like "kiam chai" one?* OKIE, THAT'S NOT MINE...lulu
Closer shot of this ugly looking kimchi..I wonder who is goin to eat this kimchi volcano mess? :-P *no eye to see*
Ok..I dun care la..start tasting the snacks on the table first..
Not sure what is each of it..just gobble each of it la
One shot of boyfie tasting the snacks
Now my turn
On the instructor's table, there is this cutie vege..unique hor the shape?
The ingredients used for kimchi..dun ask me what is each of it. I'm ingredient blind one.
After we have done messing with poor kimchi, time for us to dress like a Korean now - Hanbok costume time! In this same place, they do provide variety of hanbok costumes for guys and gals to try out. The typical and usual of me..luv pinky pinky for sure!
So me in pinky hanbok. Look like korean bo? I think looks more like chubby korean lady -_-"'
Another chubby shot
Boyfie looks cute in this hat..but nono on the sport shoes
Luv this shot of us
I could not find out the name and address of this place which is why this post is a long due one. But if you are visiting Korea, perhaps you can try out free hanbok costumes wearing at 

Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center
Directions : Myeong-dong Station, Seoul Subway line 4, Exit #6 >> 200 meters from the station
*Check here for the summary of my 2012 Korea+Jeju Trip itinerary.

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