Sunday, July 7, 2013

Collection #4: Hello Kitty & Melody Pad Lock

It's been some while since the last time I share about my Hello Kitty collection.

Btw, have you all heard about the Helly Kitty Fairy Tale craze last month in Singapore? If you have not, check out this link here. This really reflect Singaporeans really kiasu! Sorry, I did not meant to scold Singaporeans but I just can't stand them selling it for so freaking high price just to earn money from loyal kitty fans. Shesh! And it's so crazy that the ugly kitty..they are selling it for $126,000 in ebay! My goodness..if that really can fetch so high price..I can buy a condo already la in Malaysia. *fainted* I will treasure my beloved kitty collection that I precious.

Anyway, below is a short photo post on some of my collection. I will share later on my whole set of Hello Kitty Fairy Tale set soon :-)
Thanks to Rin for adding this cute Melody and Kitty pad lock to my collection. Both padlocks are from Singapore. Could not find it in Malaysia tho.
Kitty pad lock
Melody pad lock, which one nicer? you as well my 2012 birthday gift from Rin, which is a Hello Kitty lunch box. Luv it so much but I find its kinda small a bit as a lunch box. I used it as breakfast box instead to keep my bread :-)
2012 birthday gift from Rin: Hello Kitty lunch box
The lunch box comes with a pair of chopsticks on top
That's all. DO NOT look forward for Monday blues tmrw...*sigh*

Wanna see more of my Hello Kitty Collections? Checkout here

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