Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fuji Mihana Hotel

If you are visiting Mount Fuji and plan to put on a night somewhere nearby Mount Fuji, I will certainly recommend Fuji Mihana Hotel! 

Fuji Mihana Hotel signboard
Outside of Fuji Mihana Hotel

I believed this hotel has been in most of the travel agency itinerary as I did see a lot of my frens photos visiting Mount Fuji and taking the typical familiar shots in this hotel and wearing the same yukata..and in almost the same spot...LOL!

Why I super love and recommend this hotel? Believed me..stay on and continue reading my remaining post and you will see why it's really worth staying a night here :-) 

You will get a magnificent view of Yamanakako lake and Mt. Fuji at the court yard front side of the hotel. Remember to wake up early in the morning and dash out with your camera and start capturing as much nice shots as you can!
Sigh..so beautiful view..but too bad I have lousy camera la -_-"'
Another shot of the Yamanakako lake
At the courtyard of the hotel, you can have the magnificent view of Mount Fuji shots.
A shot with Jen, mummy and Rin (Daddy is missing, in the toilet perhaps..doing his early morning biz routine..haha)
Now a shot with only me inside
Now, let's see what is unique about the rooms in this hotel....you get to enjoy tatami room here! For those who din know what is tatami, its actually a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-styled room.
Tatami room
They have LCD tv..but too bad since we have 3 beds, so the arrangement is kinda weird not facing the tv directly
Writing desk
Kettle and packets of green tea provided
Yukata provided..pink for gals (*duh*) and grey one is for guys
Yukata is a Japanese traditional clothing which is considered as a Summer Kimono or a Casual Kimono. Yukata can be worn by Men and Women, and Children. You can find people wearing Yukatas at the Japanese Festivals all over the country. If you din know how to wear Yukata, checkout this link here.

Rin and myself in Yukata

Hangers to hang all your winter coats
Toilet is kinda small here though
The sink area
Japan super high tech toilet bowl..really luv it..especially to warm my bum..lolo
Remember the next morning, the moment you woke up..open your room curtain and be stunned by the magnificent Mount Fuji staring at you directly! Awesome...some more perfectly framed by the room window! Can't describe how awestruck I was that I keep taking shots of Mount Fuji.
*speechless*...too awesome!
Another awesome shot!
The food served at this hotel was good! I had Hokkaido Crab at the buffet dinner. It was really fresh and delicious! As for breakfast, it has good selection of local cuisine as well as international choices. 
Daddy's fav food..Hokkaido Crab..he can't help to take more and more of this :-)
And oh..before I forget...you can enjoy the spa in this hotel too! 
Onsen in this hotel..red color on is for ladies..and blue for guys
Btw, for those who never try Japanese hot spring or aka onsen before...you need to be totally naked! No bikinis, swimsuit, panties or undies..and no big towel to cover all your ahem parts! You are provided only with small towel..just enuf for you to cover either your top, bottom or whichever part you think you want to hide la. Haha..some of my tour ppl said..so small towel, if you dun wan ppl to see your body shape..cover your face la instead...lol..which I think it makes sense too! 

And since no camera is allowed in the onsen area, below photos are grabbed from the hotel site.
Onsen changing area


How to get here?
Fuji Mihana Hotel
195Yamanaka Yamanakako-mura,Minamitsuru-gun,Yamanashi Prefecture

Website: http://www.mihanagroup.jp/fujimihana/en.html

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