Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Collection #2: Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Pair Mugs

Today is another happy and excited day! (ok, put aside those tiring meetings I had to attend) Been looking forward for this collection of item to arrive - my lovely Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Pair Mugs all the way from Japan! I have been searching super long for Dear Daniel mug but most of the shops told me it's a rare item to find la! When I saw ebay seller Akie Watanabe (ebay id: japan-epoch) selling this pair mugs..I'm so madly in love with it and I knew I must have it! 
My lovely Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel pair mug! Comes in a nice packaging too! luv it!!!
Perfect collection piece!

Initially I was kinda worried whether the mugs will break or not during shipment and how long I have to wait for my item since its all the way from Japan. Surprisingly, this ebay seller provides one of the best service: Fast delivery with lovely packaging, and also in safe wrapped boxes (So you dun have to worry about fragile items too!) And also there's a lovely thank you note with a small gift - a Hello Kitty chain!!! Aww...really appreciate! So gals..who is also Hello Kitty fans like me, do email this seller or checkout the ebay store japan-epoch for any Hello Kitty items that you wanted to look for in Japan. A really helpful seller with top notch service!
A lovely thank you note from Akie Watanabe with Hello Kitty chain. Thanks a lot!
Closer shot of the Hello Kitty chain. Sorry for the the blurry photo due to plastic reflection.

Displaying together the Hello Kitty mugs with the ones Rin get for my birthday this year.
The right two with red ribbon are from Rin as my this year birthday gift
Now displaying it with my collection #1 post here.
Happy family rite? Haha :-P
Hmm..the teapot looks kinda small here rite?
Ok, that's all. Ciao.

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