Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Collection #3: Hello Kitty Nail Clipper

A quickie post on my another collection : Hello Kitty Nail Clipper *lolo*
My kawaii Hello Kitty Nail Clipper *luv it so muchie*

Closer view after taken out from plastic
Back view of the clipper

I bet you can't find elsewhere this so kawaii Hello Kitty Nail Clipper. Want to know where I get it? Check out my previous Japan travel blog post on Fuji Mihana Hotel. I got it from the sounevir shop inside this hotel. It's really luv at first sight..and I was dilemma initially as its quite costly for just a nail clipper. If I recalled correctly the price - it's like RM30 for just a clipper! *wtf* Luckily after persuasion from Rin and Jen, finally I decided to get it too and till today no regrets :-)

Lastly, a quick glimpse on part of my shopping haul in Japan. Should I blog about my shopping haul in Japan too? Hmm...*thinking*
Part of my shopping haul in Japan
Wanna see more of my Hello Kitty Collections? Checkout here.

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