Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Collection #1: My Hello Kitty Teapot Set

I guess without explaining further..from my blog, you should have known that I'm a crazy Hello Kitty fan lover!! Initially I tot of creating a new blog just to talk all about my hello kitty collections but it will be a hassle to maintain so many blogs (*smack* lazy gal!), so I will share with you my collections here too then...apart from my travel memories. Just go to the category MyHelloKittyCollection to search for all my hello kitty items. I will slowly share it as I have time since I just realized..I have quite a number of items now and my room got not enuf of place to display it la! *paiseh* Now still waiting for ahem..my new house to be ready (so excited and looking forward to it nia!!). Boyfie will get heart attack soon when he sees I start displaying all my stuff. :-P

Btw, for all Malaysian hello kitty lovers, hurry up go Mcd and collect all the cutie hello kitty plushies starting from 25 April to 16 May! I heard the first Hamburglar kitty is all sold out!
I already have them all lo..even before it's out! Haha..I had it like 1 year ago. Asked my sista in Singapore to get it when it's out last year.  Jealous? :-P

Anyway, today I'm so excited that my Hello Kitty teapot sets finally has arrived! It's so lovely teapot with the height of 9cm, width of 15.5cm and able to store 200cc of water. And it comes with 4 cutie hello kitty head cups: Height of 4cm and Width of 5cm.
Nice annot my Hello Kitty set?
more closer look of the cups and teapot
That's all for my Hello Kitty Collection #1. Stay tuned for more kitty collection sharing post!

And don't forget to checkout also my visit to Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe in Taiwan post here.

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