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Yongin Everland

I'm pretty sure for those korean drama fans...Yongin Everland is not a strange name rite? Yongin Everland aka Everland Resort aka Samsung Everland is a theme park in Yongin, a suburb of Seoul, South Korea. It is South Korea's largest theme park. Everland is operated by Samsung Everland, which is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group.  
Yongin Everland Main Entrance
Boyfie with Everland tickets
This theme park is divided into five areas known as Global Fair, Zootopia, Magic Land, European Adventure and American Adventure.

Okie..before I go further explaining about what is it in each area..you need to get your Q Pass first! Q Pass is ticket to cut queue!..hahaha..nola..basically with this Q Pass, you can reserve yourself a spot on any ride, giving you time to enjoy the rest of the park. Don't have to wait any longer in the queue lo...something like cut queue rite? And this pass applies to the 3 famous attractions which I will talk about it later..
  • Amazon Express (in Zootopia)
  • Safari World (in Zootopia too)
  • T-Express (in European Adventure)
So you know which area to head rite..the moment you step into the park..direct go to these 3 attractions to cut queue! :-) Dun go busy photo taking at Global Fair where you can spend your time later on that after you enjoy the rides inside!

My smart tour guide..immediately brought us to take the Skyway - which is a cable car in American Adventure area direct to European Adventure area and told us to enjoy European Adventure and Zootopia first.
Me..looking excited in the cable car..to start the adventure in Everland!
Global Fair - An international market full of interesting shopping goods!
This is the first theme zone you will see once you enter Everland. Here is the main place for foodie, plenty of souvenirs from the gift shops and good place for photo taking! Something similar la..like main street Disneyland..
Global Fair
Photos at the Global Fair:
Main walkway from the main entrance

Christmas Fantasy decorations at Global Fair
Boyfie under Magic Tree - 13m high huge magic tree

Did you guys know what characters are famous here? Actually I did not know till I came back here and about to blog on it..only I realized..I did not know what character is famous in this theme park lo -_-"'..okla..managed to find out a link here that has all the characters in this theme park..
Met Doriel and Bagle...Bagle likes look so moody. No one wants to take photo with him?

There is only one attraction here: Pororo 3D Adventure - the place where you can enjoy Pororo performance and 3D movie at the same time.
Pororo 3D Adventure
Next to Zootopia area....

Zootopia - an unforgettable trip through the wild world of animals..
As the name explains..its the animal themed portion. 
There is a petting zoo...which provides animals such as goats and sheep to pet. Its the home to some of the cutest animals..mostly main attractions for kiddos..
Petting Zoo
Main attractions here:
1) Amazon Express (*highly recommended popular ride. Remember get your Q pass for this!*)
Its an exciting journey through 580-meter-long jungle white water trip, where most visitors get wet to varying degrees.
Amazon Express
2)  Safari World (*recommended popular attraction. Remember get your Q-pass for this!)
It's a wild safari featuring lions, the kings of the grasslands, tigers, the kings of the jungle, and adorable bears, offers visitors the rare chance to meet a wide variety of animals at a close distance with a bus ride. Similar to the Leofoo Village Theme Park I went in Taiwan. Checkout the post here.

You can checkout these 2 videos on the safari world in Everland:
Part 1:
And Part 2:

A few safety precaution on Safari:
  • Dun be itchy hand and touch the animals..unless you want to lose your hands!
  • Dun risk your life and cross the clearly marked boundary lines unless you want to feed yourself to the animals!
  • Dun blind the animals with your flash photography..it's annoying!
  • And dun simply feed animals with food!  
3) Animal Wonder World 
A place where you observe many wild animals and learn the hidden special features..
Animal Wonder World
4) Animal Wonder Stage
Comic drama performance by animal friends...super like the cutie animals here....enjoy the show even I don't understand what they talked..kiri kuru...
On the way to Animal Wonder Stage...

5) Fur Seal at the Sea Lion Stadium
Really enjoyed the amazing show of d'Artagnan and the three smart seals!
Sea Lion Stadium
Super duper smart seals! Too bad no videos for that...*sigh* should have taken it..

Other attractions here:
  • Animal Riding - ride on ponies or camels to your heart's content!
  • Bug's Garden
  • Penguin and Sea Lions - Penguin and sea lion viewing
  • Wild beast cage - A place where you can see white lions and Korean tigers in front of your eyes
  • Polar Bear House - A place where you can watch and feed polar bears
  • Bird Paradise - The paradise of various birds
  • Friendly Monkey Valley - Exclusive site for monkeys with 12 various apes and a total of 145 monkeys
  • Event Hall - Display of animals in Africa and Chinese zodiac animals
  • Canine Village - A venue where you can meet many cute pet dogs

European Adventure - a hint of European romance!
European Adventure has many restaurants in various European styles. 

European Adventure

Luv this area with nice european styles

There is lots of architecture some of which is Dutch and others Roman in design. There is a flower garden encircled by a train, games and arcades. A favorite attraction here is the Mystery Mansion in which visitors can shoot at the ghosts. 

Attractions here:
  • Royal Jubilee Carousel
  • Festival Train
  • Mystery Mansion
  • Rotating House
  • Space Tour
  • T-Express *super duper recommended ride for those who are adventurous..A MUST TO TRY!!! *
  • Alpine Carnival 
T-Express - steepest roller coaster in the world with a top speed of 104km/hour and a 77 degree angle ..remember get your Q-Pass!
Boyfie and I enjoyed nice coffee at this nice European outdoor cafe called Alps Kuche while enjoying watching people...okie..I know some of you all will think wtf..that is old ppl's activity, should go enjoy the rides!! Well..guess we are over the age of that to go after the adventurous rides lo...
Nice European outdoor cafe - Alps Kuche
So nice and warm holding a cup of cappuccino during cold weather
Basically I only managed to cover 3 areas on that day as we spent like 3/4 day only in the park..so I did not managed to cover the below 2 areas..but will just mentioned the attractions here. Will update you guys...if if..if...I make a trip back to Korea the next round ;-) Keeping my finger crossed...
Magic Land - A mysterious land of magical fairy tales!

Personally..I think this is kiddos fairy land! There is a portion called Aesop's Village where the characters and themes are primarily drawn from the fables of Aesop. The ferris wheel here provides a spectacular view of the whole park. There is a log ride, futuristic flying ride, robot ride.
Magic Land

Some of the list of attractions here...which I feel personally is more of kiddos area..luckily no regrets of not covering here..all photos here are from Everland website
  • Racing Coaster - enjoy a race on a roller coaster
  •  Play yard - playground for kiddos
  •  Ball House - A foam ball factory where you can shoot and throw foam balls at each other
  •  Flying Rescue - Rescue the lion on the flying device
  •  Aesop's House & Fable Garden - Experience Aesop's fables firsthand
  •  Lily Dance - Beautiful lotus flower spin round and round
  •  Snapper & Lisa's Hideaway - An area for 3-5 years old infants to play    around in
  • Global Village - An exhibitions of dolls dressed in folk clothes from around the world..something like A Small World in Disneyland?
  •  Flume Ride - An exhilarating rafting adventures filled with lots of spills and thrills along a 443-meter stream
  • Helicycle - A helicopter-shaped bicycle that just narrowly flies over the barriers and rails
There is many more attractions here...but I will just keep it short since I'm not keen on all of the kiddies rides :-P
Okay..next to American Adventure land...
American Adventure - A wonderful world of thrills and adventures!

The theme are from American history come to life in this portion of the park. There are old west rides, including "Eagle's Fortress" thrill ride, and the rodeo. In Rocks Ville the theme is the 1950s and its music. The Double Rock Spin is a main attraction as live bands play near the Rolling X-Train, a roller coaster.
American Adventure
Okay..in short..this land is for those adventurous lovers out there! They have quite a number of  thrilling and adventures attractions here

1) Double Rock Spin - Powerful spinning and rhythmic
2) Let's Twist - An exciting experience with great music
3) Rolling X-Train - Am exciting, super fast roller coaster with two complete 360 degrees revolution
4) Hurricane - A megaton grade tornado revolving 19 meters up
5) Columbus Adventures - A dizzying viking ship falls from a height of 33 meters at a 75 degrees angle
A lot of korean dramas had their amusement park scenes here in Everland... The first drama I noticed was MY LOVE PATZZI!!! They shot the entire episodes in EVERLAND!! Luv this drama so much...and if you are a fan of Jang Na Ra..you should not miss this!

Image I found online where the scene is in Everland
Checkout the opening song for this series...I luv it so much! Now makes me feel like re-watching this whole series again..

Synopsis for My Love Patzzi:
Song Yi is a girl with a pure heart with a bad temper. She was tricked and humiliated by her "best friend" Hee Won as a child. From then on, Hee Won has always been the princess and successful while everyone mistook Song Yi as the evil child. When Song Yi did not have a job, Hee Won introduced her to the amusement park that she is in charge of. There she found her childhood friend and ex-crush Hyun Sung, who Hee Won has "stole" when they were kids. From then on, Hee Won tried to humiliate Song Yi many times, framing her in many situations that Hee Won has created herself. To get back at Hee Won, she decided to break the train that the park was launching so that Hee Won would be blamed. Little did she know that she caused more damage and that the train caught on fire. What was worse was that the son of the president of the park was in the train. Ridden with guilt, Song Yi risks her own life to save the life of Seung Joon. Seung Joon fell in love with Song Yi for her brave spirit and charming attitude, but what will happen to their relationship when Hee Won exposes to the world of what she has done?

• Jang Na Ra as Yang Song Yi
• Kim Rae Won as Kim Hyun Sung
• Kim Jae Won as Kang Seung Joon
• Hong Eun Hee as Eun Hee Won  

How to get here?
Yongin Everland
310 Jeondari, Pogock-eup, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.
Contact : 82-31-320-5000

Operation : Open throughout the year
Website: http://www.everland.com/web/multi/english/everland/main.html

Ticket Price:
Adult: KRW 40,000 (~MYR114)
Teenager: KRW 34,000 (~MYR 97)
Children/Senior: KRW 31,000  (~MYR 88)

*Check here for the summary of my 2012 Korea+Jeju Trip itinerary. 

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