Friday, March 15, 2013

Jajangmyeon @Yongin Everland

What a superb day! I'm enjoying my half day off entitlement in conjunction with my company celebrating Women's Day on 8-March! Yahoooo...Happy Belated Women's Day to all ladies out there!
Happy women’s day Glitter’s
So since I have a half day off today..shall make a post in my blog then :-)

Since my previous post about Yongin Everland, it reminds me that I have not post yet what I had in there. Do you guys always have this problem when you go to any theme park..what is the recommended food to eat besides fast food? Normally I will ended up with fast food every time in the theme park -_-"'..I dunno why..but basically I will just wander around the park till the moment I remember..oh..I have not eaten yet or my stomach ring the alarm that I should feed it, then I'm pretty sure fast food sure is some where around the corner.

In this trip to Yongin Everland, I had something different than fast food...and its my first Jajangmyeon in this Korea trip!!! Super duper contented :-) Oh..for those who wonder what is Jajangmyeon, its actually a wheat noodle topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste), diced pork and some veggies and probably some seafood in it too. How it got the name of Jajangmyeon? Basically Jajang (alternately spelled jjajang), is the name of the sauce, in Korean pronunciation of the the Chinese characters 炸醬, which literally means "fried sauce". And Myeon (alose spelled myun) means "noodle".
My Jajangmyeon in Yongin Everland
I've been craving for Jajangmyeon especially after I watched Korean series, like Couple Trouble aka Couple Fantasy where Han Ye Seul fav food is Jajangmyeon. Haha..I know is silly but curiousity makes me eager to try that. Altho had tried couple of jajangmyeon in Malaysia, but I still want try once in Korea since its originated from there rite? wtf..haha
Han Ye Seul had her jajangmyeon in the Couple Trouble series
Btw, for those who wanted a preview of the Couple Trouble series, check out the video below. It's also one of the sweet and nice korean drama. Thumbs up to recommend this to all korean drama fans out there.

In Korea, Jajangmyeon should be order as a Chinese delivery takeout, with the waiter from a nearby Chinese restaurant bring the metal tin box in a delivery service just like the delivery boy Seven in Goong S below. And then the delivery boy will be seen speeding by on a motorcycle with a metal contraption tied to the back. Hmm..but I din spot any also in my Korea trip..haiz..too bad...
Seven in Goong S as Jajangmyeon delivery boy
Ok back to the Jajangmyeon I had in Yongin Everland, although I won't say is that best Jajangmyeon in Korea but at least I had one while in Korea!
Had my jajangmyeon at this China Moon restaurant @ European Adventure land

China Moon menu displayed outside the restaurant too
They have olive and black sauce noodle, sichuan style noodle, rice with seafood on top etc..
They have nice display of all their food outside too
Me looking very contented even before I had the jajangmyeon lo..
Wonder where to get this Jajangmyeon in Yongin Everland? Go to European Adventure land. More info about how to get to this land can be found in my previous post here.

*Check here for the summary of my 2012 Korea+Jeju Trip itinerary. 

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