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Leofoo Village Theme Park

First attraction in 2012 Taiwan tour trip is Leofoo Village Theme Park.
Leofoo Village Entrance
The ticket price for an adult is NT$890 (~MYR 94)
Ticket Price
Below is the theme park map which I got from the site:
Theme Park Map
There are 4 different theme areas in this theme park:
  • South Pacific
  • Wild West
  • Arabian Kingdom
  • African Safari
Although its December month and it supposed to be winter..but I think doomsday causing the weather to be abnormal - it was freaking hot (~24-28 degrees) during winter month..and not good for an outing day at the theme park la !!!  
Family photo at the roundabout area of the theme park (@water fountain)
1) African Safari
First, we went to African Safari. This area is like a zoo with so many attractions in it like:
  • Horse Soldiers
  • Pony Ride
  • Sahara Twister
  • Zulu Petting Zoo
  • Carnivora Area's Tour Bus
  • Flamingo Garden
  • Monkey Trail
  • Camel Caravan
  • Nairobi Express  
We went to the "Carnivora Area's Tour Bus" - to take the bus and discover animal's wild life
Carnivora Area's Tour Bus
While waiting for the bus...
Hop into the bus..get set...go!!
Bears: So hot mood to entertain anyone..sleep better
Tsk too freaking hot that Tiger also can't help to sleep like tht lo..haha
I cannot imagine..what will happen if you fall out of the bus..into the hands of these baboons....They will ripped you into pieces. This photo reminds me of the movie - Critters..anyone watch it?
Lions oso went sleeping at one shady corner
While waiting for Jen queuing up for the "Flying Carpet" (which is in Arabian Kingdom - next to African Safari only), I walked around this area:
Pony Ride
Alpaca next to Pony Ride area
Alpaca..but not sure why all of them facing their bum at me -_-"'
2) Arabian Kingdom
Next is Arabian Kingdom, where we had our lunch in Oasis Restaurant. Checkout this post here about our lunch in Oasis Restaurant.

This theme area is so beautiful..all about Arabic and there is Genie, Aladdin and Jasmine too.
Walking to Arabian Kingdom

Mummy with Big Genie, tiny Aladdin and Jasmine
There are many adventurous attractions here:
  • Dynamic Motion Theater
  • Ring of Fire *recommended scary ride*
  • Sultan's Adventure
  • Ali-Ba Ba & The 40 Thieves
  • Flying Carpet
  • Flying Horse  
For those who really have the guts, you should try the "Ring of Fire".
Ring Of Fire
And oh ya..there is Turkish ice cream stall nearby the Ring Of Fire. Mummy, daddy and Jen tried that..but they dun really like it. The ice cream can be turn upside down without melting..

Turkish ice-cream for NT$60
Mummy tried the 3 flavor Turkish ice-cream
3) Wild West
This theme area is really like a small cowboy town.
@Wild West entrance
Small cowboy town
Couple of attractions in this area:
  • Fire Engine No. 5
  • Mystery Tomb
  • Two Step Twister
  • Prospect Canyon Railroad & Mine
  • Big Canyon Rapids Ride
  • Sneaky Pete's Hide-out
  • Screaming Condor *recommended scary ride*
  • Little Rattler
  • Old Oil Well 
  • Pancha Villas Crazy Barrels
  • Wild Wagon Round-up

From 13 Oct to 31 Dec, there is a special Theater of Horror (aka Restaurant's Evil) in this theme area where you can enjoy horror show while dining. Only 2 shows per day: 11AM and 1PM
But it's so long queue for the Theater of Horror la...*sigh*
Theater of Horror signboard
Halloween decorations outside Theater of Horror
Mummy with the Halloween decorations @Theater of Horror
More Halloween decorations @ Theater of Horror
Some kinda of black magic drink that cost NT$50 @Theater of Horror
While waiting for Jen queuing again for the Little Rattler ride, mummy and me found out there is a photo shoot place for this series "Inborn Pair". I just started watching this show when I'm back home now..although it's a very long 80 episode's really a nice and recommended series for those who love Taiwanese series!

Synopsis of the "Inborn Pair" series:
    Inborn Pair is about a resort president (also grandma’s boy) Ke Wei Xiang, who has the career he wants and is instead looking for his special someone. His grandma has betrothed Wei Xiang when he was still in the womb to the granddaughter of the man who saved her life, and grandma has been dreaming of the day her grandson can fulfill her promise. Wei Xiang is the reverse of the haughty, cold, and rude chaebol. He’s instead very considerate and kind, and he doesn’t have the heart to say no to his grandma’s lifelong dream.
    The heroine Song Yi Jie is a legal assistant at a law firm who is in the process of obtaining her lawyer’s license. She’s a righteous young woman who believes in standing up for justice and doesn’t care for love when she’s got a career to pursue. Episode 1 has Yi Jie and Wei Xiang meeting cute when she pretends to be the lover of a sleazy man so that his wife can obtain the evidence to force him sign divorce papers. On her way to the rendezvous, she chances upon a woman tearfully accusing Wei Xiang of breaking her heart (but in truth the woman is his daft subordinate). Wei Xiang thinks Yi Jie is a “Xiao San” (homewrecker) while Yi Jie mistakes Wei Xiang for a lothario who toys with women.

Inborn Pair
Some photos from the Inborn Pair shooting:
Similar rite the photo shoot area here with the scene in the series?
And also the merry-go-round too...

One of the most adventurous ride I think in this area is the Screaming Condor..who have the guts to try this?
Screaming Condor
4) South Pacific
Last theme area is the South Pacific. The theme here is more of tropical jungle and dinosaurs.
South Pacific entrance
South Pacific Map
There are more adventurous attractions in this area. Suitable for those seeking for scary rides lo...
  • Sea Serpent
  • Pagoda's Revenge
  • Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure
  • Bird Flight
  • Captain Cook's Swinging Ship
  • Kid's Katamaran
  • Lost World
  • Deep Sea Adventure
  • Deep Sea Bomb
  • Rocking Stream Boat
Got cheated by Jen to try this Crazy's not a slow as tea cup..swing v fast -_-"
Pancho Villas - Crazy Barrels
Big Barrel of Beer
Mummy and Daddy in the barrel
Jen and another barrel
Pagoda's Revenge Entrance
Pagoda's Revenge
Lost World - beware you will get wet
Captain Cook's Swinging Ship
Can you spot Jen in the Swinging Ship? :-) can I miss out to take a photo with the Leofoo Village Theme Park mascot..the 2 monkeys. You can see these monkeys a lot if you watch the "Inborn Pair" series.
Mummy and me with the mascot..trademark of Leofoo Village Theme Park

Overall this theme park is kinda small but its sufficient for a weekend family outing for those staying in Taiwan. One good thing about this park don't have to queue very long especially for those hot rides compared to theme parks like Disneyland or Universal Studios. You can really enjoy unlimited number of  rides you want..that's why Jen able to tried out so many rides.

How to get here?

Opening Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 (Check here for more details)

Address: No. 60, Gongzihgou, Ren-an Village, Guansi Township, Hsinchu County 306, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Refer the link here for directions to get to Leofoo Village Theme Park.

* Check here for the summary of my 2012 Taiwan trip itinerary.

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