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Tea Centre @ Taiwan Pu Tea Leaves Puli Shop

Sorry again for the long hiatus..been trying to remind myself to continuously blog for at least once a week but again..haiz..

Anyway, today goin to blog about one of the shopping stop in Taiwan trip - 
台埔茶葉埔里店 (In English translation is Taiwan Pu Tea Puli Shop)

Taiwan Pu Tea Puli Shop (台埔茶葉埔里店)

I guess this shop owner had lotsa of connections with all the tour agencies as so far 2 of the different tour agencies I joined brought us to this shop to purchase their Oo Long Tea and their famous healthy green tea. I believed if most of you guys are joining any Taiwan tour, this is one of the shopping stops to get Taiwan tea.

Once we get down the tour coach, the shop assistants passed us some of their hats for us to wear. Then we get to experience and pretend we know how to pluck some tea leaves..haha..
Jen and Mum become the tea plucking ladies of the day

Shop Owner: "Dun simply pluck my tea leaves wrongly ya!"

Mum: Boss..this tea leaves can pluck ka?

Jen with the look *dun disturb me killing the tea leaves*

After tea plucking, we are asked to wash our hands in the basket of warm tea leaves. It really smells v nice and comfy to put our hands in there..especially during cold weather lo!
I think the blue shirt uncle is the shop owner but he claims he's not

So warm to put our hands in the basket of tea leaves

Tea demonstration session by the shop owner

Then we are brought to a room where the owner is going demonstrate and explain more about their tea. The owner is really damn funny person...whenever he wants any attention from us during his demonstration, he will banged the table couple of times and said "woof woof"..hahaha

During the demonstration session, we are served with yummy tea biscuits (cost RM10 per packet if you want to get one). I bought couple of packets back as it's quite addictive to eat as snacks like popcorn when you watch movies.
Tea Biscuits and Kuaci

Jen and myself can't stop munching the tea biscuits that we topped up couple of times :-P
We also get to try their oo loong tea and their healthy green tea that mixed with yakult.
Unique tea cups - long tea cup on top of the fat shorty cup

When we take out the long tea cup, the tea flows into the fat shorty cup and then we are asked to smell the fragrance of the tea from the long tea cup.
Take the long tea cup and smell the fragrance of the tea

Recommended to purchase the healthy green tea (which is about RM200/box) that is good for those with constipation problem or for those who wants to slim down also. 

How to take it: Every day just mix a teaspoon of green tea with Yakult drink or you can follow like me to mix it with Nestle yoghurt drink. It covers up the yucky green tea powder taste and constantly taking it daily you can see 1 to 2 kg of weight loss :-)
See the green tea box at the top rack of the shelves, the one with dark green color box. About RM200/box but you need to bargain for the price ya.

How to get here?

(In English translation) 
Address: Guoxing Township 48-1 Chung Cheng Road, Sec 
Tel :049-2450696.2450799
Fax :049 -2451101


* Check here for the summary of my 2012 Taiwan trip itinerary.

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