Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nanta Show @ Myeongdong

It was a day before we left Seoul, we watched 5pm Nanta Show in Myeongdong.

Myeongdong Theatre
NANTA Ticket Box

The Myeong Dong Nanta Theatre has 386 seats and is located at the Unesco Building, 3 level.

Initially the tour itinerary was to watch "Marionette" show, but since the tour guide managed to get the tickets for Nanta, he strongly recommend us to watch this instead of "Marionette" so that majority of the tour group ppl won't fall asleep.
Cookin NANTA Show
Personally I enjoy the show as I really feel amazed how they able to cook, and all of them performed with the rhythm so accurately. Must be lotsa of extensive training and practices to achieve such standard. And, they able to get all the audiences to interact with them too! And during the show, I sat next to the guy in my tour group..which I find him so serious and never smile at all. I hardly heard him talking or smile also even to his wife. But surprisingly, during the whole show..I heard him laughing there enjoying the show. Needless to say, cool and serious ppl oso can laugh, what do you think? And..dun worry about language barrier because the show involves only creative use of kitchen utensils and acrobatic performance.

So, what is this show about and why it's so famous?

About Nanta
'NANTA' is a non-verbal performance of free rhythmical movements that dramatize customary Korean percussions in a strikingly comedic stage show. Integrating unique Korean traditional drumbeats in a western performance style, NANTA storms into a huge kitchen where four capricious cooks are preparing a wedding banquet. While cooking, they turn all kinds of kitchen items - pots, pans, dishes, knives, chopping boards, water bottles, brooms and even each other- into percussion instruments. 

Enormous audience had broken the theater window?
Since the first performance on the 10th of October in 1997, this world famous NANTA has been drawing the largest number of audience in Korean stage history. The record-breaking show has broadened its stage from Seoul and Jeju Island in Korea to Broadway, NY, and to the world. NANTA hits the world with countless encores from 7,700,000 spectators of 24,500 shows in 278 cities, 42 countries.

A frying pan, a water bottle, a pot, a chopping board, a knife ..a musical instrument?
In NANTA, Knives and other kitchen utensils are transformed into musical instruments in the hands of the performers. The haunting and heart-stirring music based upon Korean Samulnori rhythms of Jajinmori, Utdari, Puneori, etc., combined with five distinctive characters! Comic explosion! NANTA still grows everyday to become better production, more entertaining performance. The only and the best entertaining performance with a high energy, easy-watching experience, infectious rhythm and non-verbal humor that cuts through both age and international barriers. It's NANTA.

An excellent cook, but the unmanly HEAD CHEF, a very sexy, masculine SEXY GUY, and the powerful, sassy, the only woman cook, HOT SAUCE! The three attractive, characteristic chefs start their day.Washing vegetable, carrying meat loafs, setting fire, cooks at NANTA kitchen is about to begin their busy job as always, then the ill-natured manager orders them to prepare 10 wedding ceremony menus, along with his little nephew, in just an hour. Suddenly the kitchen is thrown into turmoil and the cooks become wild as they chop, beat and stir in an attempt to meet the deadline. The wedding ceremony is at 6 o'clock and it is at hand! Will the NANTA cooks complete the preparation on time?

Word of advice: Recommended show if you haven't watch it before but remember to avoid aisle seats :-)

A short video clip I found online on this show:
Duration of Show: 1.5 hours

Ticket Price: ranging from KRW 40,000 to 60,000 (which is about RM120 to RM180)
Tips: You’ll get 10% discount when you purchase the ticket online 

Myeongdong Nanta Theatre
Unesco Building 3F, 50-14, Myeong Dong 2 Ga, Jung Gu, Seoul
386 seats (VIP:119 seats, S:156 seats, A:111 seats)
14:00, 17:00, 20:00 on Monday ~ Sunday & Holiday

Getting Here: Myeongdong Station (subway line 4) Exit 6 or Euljiro Ipgu Station (subway line 2) Exit 5,6

Other Theater Location: Hongdae, Gangbuk Jeong Dong, Jeju

*Check here for the summary of my 2012 Korea+Jeju Trip itinerary.


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