Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Euna Farm (은아논장) @Yeoju

Our first day in Korea, we get to make our first ice cream and experience farm life at Euna Farm (은아논장) @Yeoju. Yippee! I personally really luv to visit farm. Hmm..dunno why, but some said I'm from kampung, so kampung gal luv such experience -_-"' But I feel after a hectic working life in bustling big city, a short trip away to experience farm life will help you forget that you need to rush for work.

Euna Farm

One of the house in Euna nice!
Our tour guide has arranged for us to ride on a tractor to reach the farm.
We ride on this tractor. Can fit all our tour group ppl..about 22+ ppl
I'm up now in tractor..ready to go off!
Cute little post box at the farm

Us with the fake cows figurines at the farm
Our first task in the farm is to experience making our own ice cream.

Video clip of tour guide teaching us how to make ice cream in front:

Tour Guide teaching us how to make ice cream in front
The nice moo moo display in the shop where we make ice cream
More moo moo items
Boyfie making choco ice cream while i kapoing to take photo
Heak..heak..turn turn turn..faster turn to ice cream!
After tasting our the farm provided delicious yoghurt and our own made ice cream, which doesn't turn out to be v good..we went out to experience some farm activities.

Cute little dog sitting outside the shop..reminds me of Niki
Boyfie feeding the baby moo moo
White horse waiting for us to feed him

Horsie in the stable
More cutie doggies at the farm


  1. May I know the admission fee for Euna Farm? Will be going there this March. Thank you so much for your helpful infos.

  2. Sorry for the late reply, I went by tour to Euna Farm, so did not manage to get the admission fees for it :-(


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