Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mysterious Road (Dokkaebi Road)

Mysterious Road aka Dokkaebi Road or Ghost Road in Jeju Island - something you might not seen before! This road is about 7km from Jeju International Airport. 

Why this road is so mysterious?? This road is where you can experience your cars roll uphill with engine turn off!

This road was founded by a taxi driver who was giving a newlywed couple a driving tour around the area in year 1980... So obviously this stretch of road became really popular after that...

During our tour to Jeju Island -Mysterious Road, the tour guide told us another version of this story. According to him, the taxi driver park his car on Neutral-Gear and went to release (pee) behind the bushes/tree. To his surprise, when he came back to discovered his car disappeared >...has rolled uphill :D

Mysterious Road Landmark
Scientifically there was nothing mysterious about this road... Actually the cars were all going downhill instead of uphill... This was all an illusion... Due to the lack of a true horizon, subconsciously our judgement of a slope was misled by the false horizon in that area.

Short clip where the bus and four wheel car are rolling uphill when engine is turned off. A kiddo in our tour group experiment with his bottle of water and its rolling uphill!

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