Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black Pork Bulgogi @Yetjeongui Gol

We had a very nice lunch at this restaurant Yetjeongui Gol (in Jeju) serving black pork bulgogi.

Almost every household raised pigs in the old days and it was a custom to serve guests pork. Pork produced in Jeju was unique in taste because of its preparation. The pork was smoked over burning hay so that the flavor of the hay could penetrate the meat. Jeju’s native pigs are covered in black hair so that they were called black pigs. The meat is chewy and nutritious, but does not have the unique smell of pork. The taste is preferable to other pork. Bulgogi (grilled pork) with spices or as a raw dish with soy sauce has a nice, mild flavor. The more you eat, the nicer the unique taste becomes.

Yetjeongui Gol
Yetjeongui Gol
Menu @Yetjeongui Gol
You must be thinking black pig...sure has black skin but the meat looks the same as normal pig on hotplate.

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