Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dreamz Bakery @ Kota Damansara

I've been reading a couple of bloggers post about this place, Dreamz Bakery and was curious to try out. Then today I asked boyfie..what are we going to have for dinner today ah? Usual place again ar? Or want to checkout a new cafe where they sell mille crepe near Giza? Immediately he said, let's go there then since it's been ages we been to Kota Damansara! Hooray..I get to fulfill my mille crepe cravings!

Cute signboards at the staircase - on the way up to 1st level

Entrance of Dreamz Bakery
You have to take off your shoes and placed it at the shoe shelf provided before you enter.

Before you enter or if you walk up the staircase, you can see lotsa of newspaper clippings about this sweet and cozy little cafe. This cafe is open by a young couple in their late twenties who has a dream all this while to open a cafe. 

"Everyone has a dream, if only it comes true...
A dream that belongs to them,..has come true" sweet..finally they achieved their dreams together. How I wish I can achieve mine as well...
Newspaper clippings outside the entrance
One of the newspaper clipping @the staircase
Another newspaper clipping @the staircase
You gotta order & pay first at the cashier! There is a cute little note at your table to inform you.
Oh my!!! They have Hello Kitty almond cookies!!!! So cutie..RM9.90 for a jar.
Luv the decorations here..the cute jars of items
Sorry for some of the :-(

They serve spaghetti here also..
And Potato or Mushroom Soup for RM6.90
Checkout the cakes display! Wish I can try every piece of each flavor..but i dun wan add on more kilos -_-"'

Mille Crepe Cakes!
More cakes and different colors of macaroons! RM3.80 for 1 piece of macaroon
Ordered their Tiramisu Layer - RM9.90 for 1 slice
More photos of the cafe ambiance:

Boyfie sitting there waiting for me...while I kepo-ing snapping photos everywhere :-P
They have another section where you have to sit on the floor with cushions provided
Behind the partition is the section whereby you can sit on the floor with some cushions
Nice decorations on the wall
Boyfie is annoyed of me taking more he's using his hp to block photos of our food that we ordered.

Tiramisu Layer @RM9.90
Hot Cappuccino @RM7.50
Another hot cappuccino but with different art..really luv it :-)
Boyfie said their coffee is not strong enough...but I find it taste good enuf for me. Maybe I always have low expectations on coffee.

Lastly a photo of me with the food..hmm..I looks so ugly in this photo.. :-(

Dreamz Bakery
Add: No32-1,The Strand,Jalan PJU 5/20D, 
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 012-2003441(Only available during working hours)
Business Hour: 12pm-10pm (Closed on Tuesday) 
Here is the google map link

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