Monday, October 8, 2012

Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills

Another old old..backdated travel photos..managed to gather back a few Hahndorf photos from my collection again.

Hahndorf which is one of the German village in Australia and if not mistaken..I think is one the oldest surviving one too...and is a popular tourist destination. Okla..I also dun wan *kiasu* as a tourist and this is the first place I visited when I reached Adelaide.

According to exploring australia website here, Hahndorf township is just 20 mins away from the city along the South Eastern Freeway. Its also a short drive from Mount Barker, the Adelaide Hills.

Okla, dunno how to intro..just flood this post with more photos that will tell you everything :-P

With Li Hua while walking along the Hahndorf street
Now me alone....
Too tired..and resting at one of the shops outside
Hahndorf has plenty of souvenir shops, craft outlets and galleries too.

At one of the souvenir shops..
Can't really open my eyes hot
I think this is in one of the antique shops or gallery...can't really recall
And I can't help..but love the autumn feel..the shades of the trees. So lovely rite?
I think I should bring a book or laptop there that time and sit down with a cup of coffee to enjoy the nice weather!
Another nice autumn leaves shades...

How to get to Hahndorf from Adelaide in 5 steps and under 20 minutes.

  1. Take the Mount Barker road exit and follow as it continues into the South Eastern Freeway (M1).
  2. Follow for approximately 15 minutes and take the Hahndorf/Woodside/Birdwood exit (B34) on the left.
  3. At the exiting roundabout, take the second exit onto Mount Barker Road.
  4. Follow straight for approximately 4 minutes as road continues into Main Street.
  5. Arrive at Main Street, Hahndorf.

Checkout this video that promotes Hahndorf:

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