Saturday, October 6, 2012

Menya Musashi @ EatParadise, Isetan 1Utama

It's been a tiring busy week and I craved for my ♥ Aka Musashi (special homemade chili oil) ramen at Menya Musashi in Isetan 1U to make up for the week of my hardwork :-P

Entrance to Menya Musashi. There are some chairs at the side for people to sit and wait
Luckily today we dun have to queue and we can just direct go in and order at the cashier. As usual, Chris will order the Shiro Ramen (onion oil) and me - is always Aka Musashi (special homemade chili oil). We tried before the Kuro Ramen (special fried shallot and garlic oil), but we still stick back to our favorite ones.

Samurai-theme deco inside

*hungry and boh song look*...waiting for his food
The service is very fast and efficient and within 10 minutes, we can get our ramen.
Musashi Ramen with Shiro broth (onion flavoured oil broth)

Aka Musashi Ramen

Happy with my bowl of Aka ramen :-)
And, this is how the bowl of ramen looks like after finish up by 2 piggies...
Can you guess which bowl is mine?

Haha..mine is always the one left with ramen as I cannot help wants to finish up the soup more...

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