Friday, March 6, 2015

Shinhuengsa Temple

Sinheungsa, sometimes spelled Shinheungsa, is located at the slope of Seoraksan National Park (Refer here for my post on Mount Sorak National Park).

Right after came down from Mount Sorak National Park, we directly walk to Shinheungsa...

On the way walking to Shinheungsa Temple
Spotted one hotel called "Seoraksan Tourist Hotel" otw which looks kinda small but quite strategic spot for those who wants to hike the mountain. But, I did googled about it and apparently this hotel already went out of business as of 1st December sad..:-(
Seoraksan Tourist Hotel
Reached the gateway:
This is the gateway aka One Pillar Gate to the Big Buddha Statue and Shinhuengsa Temple
The Big Buddha Statue aka Tongil Daebul, is a gilt-bronze Buddha Statue which represents the wish by the Koreans for the reunification of the two Koreas.

In here, you can also pay KRW10,000 to write on a roof tile which the temple will use it when they make any roof repairs.

So many row of roof tiles

The notice board explaining about the Buddha statue origin and its historical facts.
Beyond the Giant Buddha Statue, you will see a bridge which links to the Shinhuengsa Temple.
The bridge that links the Big Buddha to Shinhuengsa Temple and it's built over a creek
The creek is almost dry up as it's almost winter time dee..

Here's a short video to see the beautiful surrounding here:

The Shinhuengsa Temple is built like a fortress and have only a few entry or exit points. To enter Shinhuengsa Temple, we have to go through this gateway opening after crossing the bridge.

There are door of gods, which are the gods that guard the entrance door to scare away devilish beings.

More photos in the temple area:
Trying to scoop some water to drink and make a wish..
While on the way out, spotted they have very cute caricature sign board on the Shinhuengsa Temple Stay..

How to get here:
1137, Seoraksan-ro, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea 

Check here for the summary of my Korea trip itinerary.

Happy weekend!

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