Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013/14 Hokkaido Trip: Meal on board @MAS Airline

30-Dec flight: 

KLIA (12.45 AM) --> Chitose  (9.25 AM)

Breakfast before reaching Chitose:
Boyfie's breakfast: Chicken pasta
My breakfast: Nasi Lemak (with sambal prawn)
3-Jan flight: 
Chitose (4.50 PM) --> KLIA (12.20AM + 1(4 Jan))
My dinner: Butter curry chicken
Boyfie's dinner: Fish rice
Overall, I personally do not like the MAS chartered flight food as its sucks and the service for this flight is lousy too. I'm not sure why the air stewardess is with sulky face the whole trip, probably she has PMS??! And I was quite pissed especially the flight to Chitose. The air stewardess ignored my request to filled in my thermos of hot water by showing me sulky face and let me standing there for so long till another air steward help me with it. What a lousy service such an airline provide!

Anyway, for overall summary of my Hokkaido trip, check it out here.

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