Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tokyo Teppan @ Tokyo Street Pavillion

This is a belated burfday post for boyfie. This year celebrated boyfie's birthday earlier on 8th June (Sat) in his favorite teppanyaki restaurant "Tokyo Teppan" at Tokyo Street Pavillion.
Entrance to Tokyo Teppan @Tokyo Street Pavillion
Tokyo Don and Tokyo Teppan are sisters company and are located side by side. One is specializing in donburi and the other is in teppanyaki
Interior of Tokyo Teppan restaurant
Our hot ocha (RM 3 each) and cold tofu as appetizer first
Boyfie had Azuma set which is Chicken and Salmon Teppanyaki (RM30)
I had Kyo set which is Prawn and Salmon Teppanyaki (RM33)
All sets are served with 1 garlic rice (luv their garlic rice even its eaten plainly like that), a bowl of miso soup and a dish of veggies. The total bill came out to RM80.05, which I think is a reasonable price for such nice ambience and nice food:
  • Azuma (Chic/Salmon) : RM30
  • Kyo (Prawn/Salmon): RM33
  • 2 Hot Gree Tea @RM3 : RM6
  • 6% govt tax: RM4.14
  • 10% service charge : RM6.90
Overall I luv the teppanyaki food here and if you too are superly obsessed with teppanyaki, you should try this place out!

A note to boyfie:
To the man who hardly spend on himself but remember to shower me with gifts and flowers, to the man who would feed me with all my favorite foodies because he knows it will keep me smiling and happy, to the man who love me for who I am despite that I'm fat and heavier than him, to the man that able to tolerate my volcanic temper...happy 2013 birthday and it means so much to have you beside me! *muacks*

Tokyo Teppan
Lot 6.24.02, Tokyo Street, Level 6,  
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 KL  
Tel: 03-2141 4519  
Business Hours: 11.00am - 11.00pm (opens daily)

And lastly, before went back..wandering around Pavillion and saw the Line Messenger stand..which is damn cute that I must share with you all..
Luv the bodoh soink bear..which I always said looks like Rin :-P
The mop pom rock and roll bunny here damn funny
The soink soink bear again escaping with food
 That's all..ciao!

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