Monday, June 3, 2013

Mobile Data Plan in Singapore

If you are going for a short trip in Singapore and could not leave without internet access like me, you should get the SingTel prepaid sim card! DO NOT rely on the free WIFI in hotel...its damn damn slow and sometimes you could not even connected at all! And some hotel charges you for a fees to connect per day some more and the speed is so slow! The hotel that I stayed (shall blog later which hotel is it) charges like SGD$18 to force us get a buffet breakfast for 2 person only can entitle free WIFI *sheesh*

SingTel prepaid mobile data plans
With SingTel mobile data, you get to online anytime, anywhere from your handphone and with high speed some more lo! Can even snap the photos and direct upload it to share in social media. And if you have frens or relatives in Singapore, can use this sim card to make smses or calls to them at a very low charges too.

How much does this SingTel prepaid sim card cost? 
You can purchase either SGD$28 or SGD$50 prepaid sim card. I got the SGD$28 since my trip is 4 days only. Then you can decide which prepaid data plans below to activate:
Prepaid Data Plans
I choose the 3-Day Ultimate 6GB Data which cost SGD$15.
Where to get it?
Once you come out from the arrival halls, you can check out any booths directly outside of the arrival halls after you took your luggages.

How to activate Prepaid Data Plans? 
  1. You can call *363.
  2. Reply 1 to activate Prepaid Data Plans or Reply 2 to activate Prepaid BlackBerry Plans (excluding BB10)
  3. Reply 2 to subscribe Prepaid Data Plans.
  4. Choose your preferred Prepaid Data Plan and reply with your selection.
  5. Reply 1 to confirm subscription.
  6. You will receive a confirmation message upon successful purchase.
How to check your card balance?
Dial *139#

With just SGD28 (~RM68) prepaid sim card spent, I get to online for full 4 days and make smses and calls in Singapore. The speed is damn fast some more. And if I compare it to Maxis roaming data plans, which is usually RM38 per day. Which do you think is more worth it ya? :-)

Stay tuned for my Singapore trip posts coming up soon.

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