Saturday, December 1, 2012

Del Pino Sorak Hotel

First night in Korea, we stayed in Del Pino Sorak Hotel. It's not the best hotel which we stayed in throughout the trip but the room was like an apartment where it gives you the feeling of "home".
It consisted of a kitchenette with all the utensils required for cooking - there is even a rice cooker inside! 
Kitchenette with stove

And there is utensils like plates, bowls, and detergent etc.
And rice cooker also!
One unique thing that I really luv about this hotel is the 'tatami' style bed with a heated wooden floor. Okay, we shud called it "Ondol" in Korean, not "tatami" which is in Japanese.

No bed to sleep lolo
Make our own bed
The room tariff that was stated in the room showed it to be a whooping KRW 240,000 per night for a family type room, or approximately RM700+.

Some photos of the toilets:

The hotel is fully self-contained and even has a convenience store "Good Goods" in B1 of Tower 1. From Tower 2, you can go to Level 3 by walking through the bridge which link to Level 2 of Tower 1. Then take a lift down to level B1.

  • Experience Ondol room
  • Cosy room like apartment where you can do your own cooking
  • Limited choices of food for buffet breakfast : Only have food like mini sausages, popiah, cornflakes, oranges (only 1 type of fruits), plain white bread and coffee
  • No big towel provided in the room, only small towel. Have to bring own big towel to use.

Address : 403-1 Wonam-ri Toseong-myeon Goseong-gun Gangwon-do Korea (219-832) 
Telephone : +82-1588-4888 / +82-33-635-8060

How to get here from Incheon Airport?
Incheon Airport -> Daemyung Resort Sorak

*Check here for the summary of my 2012 Korea+Jeju Trip itinerary.

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