Sunday, December 9, 2012

Alpensia Ocean 700 Water Park

Our stay in Alpensia Holiday Inn Resort (checkout this post about the resort) for that day include a half day hot spring activities or more like water theme park activities in Ocean 700. It is a large water theme park located on top of Daegwallyeong Mountain in Pyeongchang of Gangwon-do Province. 

Entrance to Ocean 700
While waiting for the tour guide to get our tickets:
Ocean 700 Ticket Office
You can checkout this link for the details of the admission ticket price. Since we were there after lunch, our ticket price is KRW 24,000 (~RM72).  

Before you enter, you MUST know what are the procedures to do. Remember dun walk nakedly to the water theme park ya.. :-D

Below is the summary of procedures which I got from the site:

1. Purchase the ticket at Ticket Office. Take note of the number assigned on the 
    admission ticket.
2. Enter through the entrance gate.
3. Go to the shoe rack first according to the number assigned on the admission 
    ticket. Blue signboard room is for men, and red one is for ladies. Place your 
    shoes in the shoe rack and keep the key on your wrist.

The key you get from the Shoe Rack
4. Using the same key which you got from the shoe rack, go to the Locker 
    room. Undress have to undress in public. No private room to 
    change one lo..everyone just undress there in front their own locker or if you 
    *shy*shy*..then find a corner to change. Keep your clothes in the locker and 
    wear your swim suit and swim cap too.
5. Then go down to 1st floor, where you can take a shower first to clean 
    yourself before you use the water theme park. You can checkout upstairs 
    level where you can enjoy hot spring, ..but you must be naked to go in! So, 
    guys and girls have their own private hot spring place, no sharing.I 
    heard our tour guide mentioned that, there are people who get confused 
    with the procedures and walk nakedly to the water theme park instead show for everyone.
6. After you done enjoying the water theme park or hot spring, go back to the 
    locker room and wear back your own clothing.
7. All purchases, like life jackets, tubes, big towels etc in the water theme park 
    are deferred till you are done enjoying the park. So upon exiting, you have 
    to settle your payment first
8. After you retrieve your shoes from the shoe rack, the key can no longer be 
    used anymore. You can no longer take the key out anymore.

As its later autumn and so freezing that day, we only can enjoy its interior facilities, not the exterior one. Below is the following interior facilities: 

* Some of the pools requires you to wear a life jacket. Otherwise the life guards standing around there will blow the whistle and ask you out of the pool.
  • Lazy Pool (*requires life jacket)
  • Wave Pool (*requires life jacket)
  • Aqua Play Pool
  • Aqua Pool
  • Kid's Pool
Boyfie and me only went to the Aqua Pool, where the water temperature is hotter. But the pool is kinda small to fit in more ppl and since the weather is cold, this pool is become like hot demand and sometimes you can't even get a place.

325, Solbong-ro, Daegwannyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do 

Tel: +82-33-339-0000 

Website: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)

*Check here for the summary of my 2012 Korea+Jeju Trip itinerary.


  1. how far is it the yongpyong ski slopes from holiday inn? how do you get there?
    and how do you get around to the theme park from the hotel?

    1. It's all within walking distance. about 2 to 5 mins walk. You won't realized that since you will be enjoying the ski view there :-)

  2. Is it confirmed that you need to be naked to use the outdoor hot spring at Ocean 700 or are you referring to the indoor hot spring?

    1. yeap, you need to be naked in the indoor hot spring, not outdoor one :-)


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