Saturday, September 22, 2012

♥ Efficient Travel Insurance for AMEX or Maybankard Holders ♥

It is recommended for frequent travellers to purchase their travel insurance to ensure you are well protected, *touchwood* choi! choi!...not hoping anything to happened la..but is a precaution to have one so your house are protected when you are not around..your medical expenses are covered everything la..

For me, I always luv to use this travel insurance - AXA SmartTraveller  & SmartTraveller Annual, where it gives you a last minute activation as fast as 1 hour before your departure! Good for those likes to do things last minute one..but you need to have your AMEX or Maybank card la.

Just 3 simple steps and you have your insurance purchased!

1) Call 03-2166 7777 or 1300-88-7721
2) Select the plan you want: VIP or Classic Plan
3) Charge the premium to your AMEX or Maybank card.

And taa daa...check your email within 1 hour and you have your travel insurance policy sent to you. You are safe and protected now to go travel.

For more information, check the Maybank website.


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