Friday, September 21, 2012

A cuppa of Hello Kitty cappuccino in Ginza Cafe

Just transferred data to a new laptop and found these photos buried in here for some while. 

As you can see from my blog can know I'm always a loyal fan of Hello Kitty :-) So I discovered this cafe "Ginza Cafe" at Tokyo Street, Pavilion which serves art coffee.

I requested 2 cups of hot cappuccino with Doraemon And Hello Kitty drawing :-P

Hmm..I think the Doraemon drawing turns out better than the Kitty one...kinda dissapointed a bit :-(

Oh well...I just have to drink matter how disappointing it is.
Chris with his favorite cappuccino and childhood cartoon, Doraemon on top :-P
Me with Hello Kitty coffee..I think I do really need coffee since my eye bag (that's what so called by others but I think is my money bag :-P) is so obvious
That's all! Ciao..

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