Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Exotic Food @Wangfujing Street

If you ever go to Beijing, do visit Wangfujing Street or in Chinese name is 王府井大街(wáng fǔ jǐng dà jiē). It's located near the city center in Dongcheng District, the commercial street is one of four most prosperous business zones in Beijing.

With a history of 700 years around, it got the name Wangfu (royal mansion) Jing (well) because there used to be eight royal mansions and a well with sweet water on the street. Currently, it is the busiest street in this city and there are 600,000 people every day come and go and on holidays, the number can rise to 1,200,000. As the first famous business zone in this city, the street houses a wide variety of shops and boutiques, some of which are of world-famous brands. Apart from that, there are also many time honored stores with traditional commodities standing in the street for hundreds of years.

The Wangfujing shopping district aims to achieve equal ranking with New York's Fifth Avenue, the Champs-Elysees of Paris and the Ginza in Tokyo. The packed stores in the street selling clothes, tea, shoes, souvenirs, books, hats, etc - you name it, Wangfujing's got it.

One of the interesting things in this street is their snack street which has a selection of exotic food. Deep fried insects, scorpions, and sea creatures can be found, along with other animals and animal parts not ordinarily consumed as food in the west. But while these exotic snacks can be found, other more common foods, such as Chuanr (meat kebabs, commonly made of lamb) and desserts, such as Tang hu lu, or candied fruits make up the majority of the food sold on the street. 

Let me spam you with all those exotic food in here:
Seahorses..some still moving some more..eeeekkk
Variety of exotic food like snakes, spiders and centipedes also
Zoom in detail....let you see better

Pricing for the exotic foods if you wish to try..

Okla..enough of the gross and disgusting food. Wanfujing Street do have also more normal edible food also dun worry u go there nothing to eat. But my tour guide did warn us that even he himself as local there also get diarrhea when eat in try at your own risk yah.

Let me show you also the normal edible street food they have u dun get scared with the exotic ones earlier yah
Looks like some kuih?
Some bun and ice cream potong?
Crab pau?


You will see a lot of this bottle actually their local yogurt drink

How to get there ?  

Getting to Wangfujing is pretty easy.  You can take the subway and get off at the Line 1 Wangfujing (118) station. Alternatively, you can of course take the taxi.


For more information on my Beijing & Chengde itinerary, please checkout the link here.

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