Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 Italy Trip: Meal on board @Emirates Airline

Light bites and breakfast served in the flight from KL to Dubai:
Light bites - chicken baguette and banana cake
Light Bites
  • Sandwich - chicken baguette with sun dried tomato and lettuce
  • Dessert - Banana cake
Breakfast - Florentine omelette
  • Appetizer - Fresh seasonal fruit
  • Main course -  Florentine omelette (Served with grilled chicken sausage, rosti and herbed mushrooms)
  • Bread - Soft breakfast roll (Served with butter and preserve)

Lunch served in the flight from Dubai to Rome:
Lunch - Roast Turkey
  • Appetizer - Potato Salads with green beans
  • Main course - Roast Turkey (Rolled turkey buffe served with cranberry jus lie, mashed potatoes, chicken sausage and seasonal vegetables)
  • Dessert - Chocolate cookie mousse with shaved white chocolate, Chocolate

Dinner served in the flight from Milan to Dubai:
Dinner - chicken in yogurt sauce
  • Appetizer - Quinoa salad with chicken roulade
  • Main course - Chicken in yogurt sauce with steamed basmati rice, sauteed broccoli and red peppers
  • Dessert - Apple and blackberry crisp with custard and cinnamon crumble, Chocolate

Lunch served in the flight from Dubai to KL:
Lunch - Grilled chicken
  • Appetizer - noodle salad
  • Main course - Grilled chicken with mushroom and pepper sauce, fried potatoes, sauteed spinach and carrots
  • Dessert - Cream cheese mousse with salted caramel and white chocolate, chocolate

For more information on my Italy itinerary, please checkout the link here.

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