Saturday, March 12, 2016

Collection #20: SG50 Hello Kitty!

My SG50 Hello Kitty collection!

This is the SG50 themed Hello Kitty Plush Collectibles sold by McDonald's Singapore. Luckily Rin bought it for me!

This collection has:
  • Durian Lover (Green one from the left first row)
  • Limited edition McDonald's crew (Middle one at the first row)
  • Orchid Lover (Purple one from the right first row)
  • Trishaw Uncle (Top right on the second row)
  • SG50 Parade (Middle one at the second row)
  • Samsui Woman (Left one from the second row)

I love the Samsui Woman and Trishaw Uncle the best from this collection.

Matching my McDonald's Crew with the McD nanoblock

That's all. Wanna see more of my Hello Kitty Collections? Checkout here.

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