Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

Arghh...the wedding planning and preparation stuff is driving me crazy. Sigh..and due to all this (plus need to save up the budget for wedding), I'm unable to travel this year end *sob*sob*... which makes me dream of traveling even more! And when I saw Nuffnang Malaysia advertised the contest on dream trip to Macau..I was like "wah!!! ngam perfect timing for me to dream some more lo". Perhaps a dream will become true so I can be able to travel this year end? *grin* *grin*...praying hard...

Okay, let me tell you the 3 reasons that makes me wanna re-visit Macau again...

1) The yummeh yummeh Macau street foodies!
The boyfie and myself always luv to try out the local street foodies whenever we visit a new place. And Macau is famous for varieties of superb yummeh snacks like:

Portuguese Egg Tarts - which are freshly baked out of the oven! A bite of this hot tart during cool season make my tummy feel even warm and contented!
My *saliva drooling* now for this hot freshly baked Portuguese egg tarts
And I'm also a milk lover dessert. So I'm particularly craving for this Double Skin Steamed Milk miss it! Why Malaysia dun have it har?

And I miss out this Serradura pudding or ice cream in my past visit! Arghh...and I read from other bloggers that this is one of the must try biscuits over pudding or ice cream! Wish I can revisit Macau to try this!

Pork Chop Bun - the toasted crispy freshly fried pork chop that is so juicy and tender!
Mouth watering now see this super juicy piggie bun!
And Macau not only is a heaven for yummeh snackies..but also..

2) A place filled with lotsa of European style architecture buildings

You don't have to go Europe to see the kind of European style architecture building anymore when you can get it in Macau too! Some of the European style buildings:

Famous Macau landmark is none other than Ruins of St. Paul's
There is also the Macau's Fisherman Wharf
See the Roman amphitheater architecture? Does it look like the Rome Colosseum? doubt Macau is also a popular place for taking pre-wedding photo as many couples fall madly in love with its European style building. Ahem..probably if I can get to re-visit again, I can take some photos too for my wedding video montage next year? *grin*grin*

See some marvelous Macau pre-wedding photos which I found (so envious)...



3) And lastly, Macau - the mini Las Vegas!
Can't afford to go Las Vegas? Fret not! You can go to Macau which is the mini Las Vegas full of neon gaming halls.
Although the boyfie and myself are not fans of gambling but we are interested into casino hopping in Macau to see the different casino interior designs! Some of the Macau's enormous casinos like:

Wynn - can be able to catch the dancing water fountain show here
This is the dancing water fountain show video which I took in my previous trip:

A peculiarly shaped Grand Lisboa

Venetian Macau - which is the mirror image of the Las Vegas hotel - "The Venetian Las Vegas"
There is also gondola for you to ride in here too:

And why MGTO and Nuffnang should send me for this superb opportunity:

1) My travelogue blog is mainly all on my travel memories and sharing it with all readers to help them plan their next Macau travel itineraries.

2) And as mentioned earlier, since I'm planning for my wedding next year and have the wish to do a wedding video montage to capture the travel memories boyfie and I had, this opportunity just pop up at the perfect timing as pre-honeymoon memories :-)

3)  I believe I able to share all the amazing things in Macau including makan and shopping too especially since I'm shopaholic (*shy*) --> Probably that explains also most of my shopping haul posts for my travel are one of the popular posts in my blog. 

So hopefully my dream trip to Macau able to come true *fingers crossed* and really big thanks to Macau Government Tourist Office and Nuffnang Malaysia for giving the opportunity for bloggers to stand a wonderful chance to win a trip to Macau to experience the amazing things in there!


  1. Great blog! All the best!
    The travel blogger,

  2. I loved reading about your Dream Trip to Macau. Thanks for sharing your experience of this itinerary. I also love Macau. It’s a beautiful place. I got married at one of popular Macau event space last year and enjoyed our trip a lot.


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