Thursday, June 12, 2014

Collection #16: Hello Kitty Long Wallet

It's FLYDAY!!! Woohoo...happy happy day! I really luv Friday the most among all the days in the week since I will think, I have 2 more days to rest which is something to look forward every week la at least.

So last weekend I went to Parkson to get the some kitchen stuff, and while waiting to pay for my items, I took out my Hello Kitty long wallet and the cashier was like..OMG!!! Ur wallet so cantiknya.. You beli kat mana and berapa harga? (Translation in english: Your wallet so damn nice, which did you buy it and how much) I was so damn happy with my purchase..hehe.

So let me show you my pretty wallet :-P
I really luv wallets with zip up all. At least my items like cards won't drop out sometimes. I do have this problem with some other wallets and this design fit me the best
And important is, this color not so easy dirty..lolo. I hate it when my wallet so fast turn chocolatie color. I bought this during my Hokkaido trip at the airport. It's really a last minute purchase since I'm about to board the flight back dee. And it's only JPY3,500 which is about RM110? Initially during that trip, I was hesitating to get the Samantha Thavasa wallet which looks almost similar like this but since I got Burberry handbag dee and broke shopping have to give up tht idea la. But when I saw this Hello Kitty long wallet..I was like..OMG!! I must get it! Kechinnggg...swipe my card to get it since I run out of JPY some more..haha.
See the Hello Kitty Logo? So not fake one nah..original from Sanrio!
And the details of Hello Kitty prints..luv it!
Carrying this wallet won't make u look childish. I noticed some Hello Kitty items which is really kiddo at times to carry it But this one is really suitable for ladies like me :-P

That's all on my collection sharing ya. Happy Flyday 13th! If you are interested to see more of my Hello Kitty collections, check out the link here.

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