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Bankara Ramen @Avenue K

Boyfie and me both luv Japanese food so much. Think I influenced him so much that he had changed his taste even. He used to luv western food but now he told me he prefer japanese food more. So this weekend had early burfday celebration for him in Bankara Ramen at Avenue K since I read quite good recommendations earlier on the ramen here.
Bankara Ramen @Avenue K
The ramen displayed outside the restaurant:
Drooling just by looking at the hurry up go in and order la..

Inside the interior of the restaurant:
Nice and cozy environment
Bankara Ramen menu
Wondering why the word "Bankara"? It's actually a colloquial term that was once used in Japan to best describe an individual's outstanding and unique style amidst the swarm of a conformist society. 

Embracing the philosophy "Cooking by Heart", the Bankara brand is the result of Mr. Kusano's desire to constantly innovate and improve the taste of Japanese ramen. They have over 60 premium outlets spanning across Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and now in Malaysia!

Let's checkout what they have in their menu..

#1. Selection of Bankara ramen - its their signature ramen with specially pork bone broth infused with specialty refined Shoyu, served with medium thickness Tokyo style noodles. It's lightly salted with a hint of sweetness and is served with Kakuni (braised pork jelly).
Selection of Bankara Ramen - range from RM21 to RM30
#2. Selection of Tonkotsu Ramen - ramen that used the slow boil technique to create a milky and rich flavour pork bone soup, served with thin Hakata style noodles.
Selection of Tonkotsu Ramen - range from RM22 to RM33
#3. Selection of Miso Ramen - Miso ramen which is inspired from Northen Japan, and its broth is bold in character. Sharp taste with a hint of sweetness and fragrant aromatic oils, served with medium sized noodles.
Selection of Miso Ramen - range from RM23 to RM31
#4. Selection of Tsukemen - its thick cold noodle, springy in texture, dipped in hot spicy broth.
Selection of Tsukemen - range from RM 22 and RM31
#5. They have Rice Dishes too if you prefer not to eat ramen in a ramen shop :-P
Rice dishes
#6. Selection of Desserts and Drinks
#7. They have some Side Dishes too

While waiting for our food..I spotted the basket of peeled garlic on the table.
Spot the basket of peeled garlics? Each table will have one basket...wonder why? Will explain to u later..
As usual, I need something little spicy since I like the "kick" taste..but not too much..
My Karanegi Bankara Ramen
I ordered the Karanegi Bankara Ramen since this is the among Bankara Ramen that has spicy taste. I found the taste is not bad with very strong porky smell. The bowl looks huge but it's really not that big portion la. And I found they only got 1 piece meat which is quite little compared to other ramen shop for the same price. I still prefer Ippudo ramen actually if you asked me to pick.
Boyfie's Kakuni Bankara Ramen
Boyfie's Kakuni Bankara Ramen which is the recommended one by the waitress there. It also has one piece of meat nia. So if any big eaters, I think you need to order more meats as add on. let me tell you about the usage of basket of garlic on the table..
Take the garlic presser which is on the table too and put one peeled garlic into this presser
Then press it like this on top of your ramen..if you prefer more garlic..just continue to press more lo
Now my turn to top some garlic on my ramen

How to get here?
Bankara Ramen Malaysia
Address: Lot 2-7, Level 2, Avenue K, 156, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2181 8618
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 11am – 10pm

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