Saturday, May 31, 2014

Collection #15: Hello Kitty Omamori

Need to churn out another blog post quick again? collection sharing again lo. Do you guys know what is charms or amulets called in Japanese? It's Omamori!

I super luv this Hello Kitty Omamori that I got it from the Hokkaido Shrine. Both omamori is for total protection.
(Left) Hello Kitty Hadamamori, JPY 500 (Right) Strap Amulet, JPY 800
Both also available in Pink and Lavender color
Initially I thought this is the only shrine I can get the hello kitty Omamori, but according to this site, there are several other shrines which has different Hello Kitty Omamori. OMG...wish I can go accumulate all la..*looking at boyfie with a please look* hehe

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