Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pan Fried Chicken with Tteokbokki

Super duper long hiatus..I will share about what has been making me MIA for so long later.

It's almost year end now and I'm super duper looking forward for my trip next month since everyone starts to have holiday mood now! So excited about Nov and Dec month alwiz....that I looked back at my Korea trip photos and realized that I have not share about Tteokbokki yet! Geezz...

Tteokbokki aka "stir fried rice cake" is a must try food if you are in Korea. It's a popular Korean snack food made of soft rice cake, fish cake and sweet chilli sauce. 
Yummy Pan Fried Chicken with Tteokbokki
If you are a fan of spicy food just like me, you will luv Tteokbokki. It's really very chewy like spicy chewing gum? And in some places, you can add your own spiciness during stir fried. However, I feel...if you had too much of it in a meal, you will feel a bit "bored" since it can really fill up the tummy. So, try not to be greedy and have too much of it in a meal..otherwise it will not taste good anymore.

We had our pan fried chicken Tteokbokki near EWHA..and you can adjust your own spiciness during pan fried
Boyfie is happy that he can have non spicy Tteokbokki -_-"' which I feel it's not "umph" (satisfying) enuf
Those who knows how to read Korean, let me know what is the shop name? I just know its near EWHA..Sigh, I can't find back the shop name to share with you all
The interior of the shop where I had pan fried chicken with Tteokbokki
That's all, and do remember checkout my full Korea travelogue here.

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