Sunday, August 4, 2013

WHISK @ One Utama

Another post on coffee addicts fav place. For those of you who din know and haven't notice, I actually started a category in my blog "coffeeAddict" to have a collection of all the coffee places boyfie and me went..

Okie..this time is me addicted to this place. Well..not because of its coffee, so count me out as coffee addicts *smile sheepishly at boyfie as I'm sure he will stare at me for saying this* :-), but I super duper madly in luv and craved for their hummingbird cake since I had it the first time in Empire Shopping Mall in Subang. And when I found out that Whisk is in 1U dee....I was like..wooohooo...can satisfy my hummingbird cake cravings anytime dee *grin*

I really have a sweet tooth rite? I know..I know..fatties need to control having too much of sugary stuff but sometimes it's hard when you are stress. *sigh*

Btw, Whisk in 1U is located in quite secluded corner but if you know where is Starbucks in Old Wing, then you can find Whisk easily as it's just beside it. Hmm....the location seems to give coffee addicts an option, to go for commercialized coffee or for those nice handmade coffee? Which will you go for it?
Entrance to Whisk @ 1U. And did you see the red color sign on the floor? They accept One Card get more points by just drinking coffee too!
TO GO COFFEE booth at the side..if you want to "tapao" kewl!
It's very cozy environment with limited number of seats inside. Well it's a good place to chit chat, but when I was there..most of the ppl there are so quietly reading there. So if you talk too loud, you might annoyed others -_-"'
The area where they make coffee
Did you see behind boyfie at the bar counter top? There are tonnes of yummy cakes
Okie..back to the cake cravings that I have here. So far just tried one type which is the hummingbird cake, but let me tell you the types of super hot seller cakes they have here which I think should taste good too.

#1 best seller cake:
Red Velvet Cake
#2 best seller cake:
Granny's cake
My recommended fav cake *hehe* and as usual with a hot cuppa cappuccino
Hummingbird cake and hot cap!
A post with my fav cake...and sorry for my puffy face. I just finish facial treatment only which explain why I need a cap :-P

How to get here?
Address: G139, Ground Floor, Old Wing, One Utama Shopping Centre
03-7722 1020
Opening Hours:
Sun.-Thu. 10:00-22:00
Fri.-Sat. 10:00-22:30

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